Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I´m a spinner!

I´ve been thinking about it for a while and then we did the Öresund tour I bought some fiber and my friend Anna-Karin (she´s akastuff on ravelry)gave me a lesson and I did this on her Loët. It´s shetlandic wool.

This weekend I´m gonna take a beginner class at "Den gamla skolan" close to Malmö ( Den gamla skolan means "the old schoolhouse") We are going to wash and preper the fiber for spinning all the way and I´m looking forward devoting the entire weekend for fiber purpuses.
The sell Kromski spinners and I´m interested in this Symphony model:

Kromski´s are made in Poland are supposed to be really good!
To add to the discussion of spinster and female sweden when a cat purrs we say he "spinner" spinns.

Party dress

I´m attending a wedding later this summer. The cermony will be at the beach and the reception at the grooms parents house, that are close to the beach. I wanted a summery flowery dress and seached the fabric stores for a suitable fabric. We don´t have that many fabric stores and I found this fabric at one of my favourites. It´s a italian cotton fabric with some structure, a little crincle, and I like the colors

I´m going to use this Onion pattern, the same as the girl is wearing in the drawing but a little longer and I will have add a lining.

The lime green of the flowers coordinates with my lime "Citron" and if my foot doesn´t improve my Scholl sandals are lime green too!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I´ve been buying fabrics in Paris a lot of times, but never was there so much that appealed to me as this time, one fabric is missing on the photo, a geometric kind of black bottom fabric in cotton. The black retrolike fabric was marked polyester, then I found one that was marked viscose. Then I decided that there where a lot of nice dressed in the latest Burda and I needed a fabric under anyway so I bought it...the viscose of course!
From the left: Brown wool in a very tiny herringbone weave, shirtfabric with pink and tan stripes, have some lycra in it, print in Odd Molly kind of shade and a structured fabric bought in a fabricstore in another area, just passing by... the retro viscose--polyester fabric and a stripe purple with structure.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Le comptoir

I searched yarn stores on Ravelry before going to Paris and one that I actually visited vas Le Comptoir.
The interior was from ca 1861 and this is what I want my dreamkitchen to look like

It´s cituated on 26 Rue Cadet that is very much in centrum of town. I walked from Lafayette with a broken toe....

She had a lot of cute sewing notions too!

I also went to Sweatshop Paris but on a monday so it was closed but looked like a very inspirational sewingroom ( with a lot of machines ) from outside

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Love me love my car

Meet my new baby. But my baby is in the color "champagne" more of o golden shade. Picking her up next friday.

PR weekend Europe 2010

We had a discussion about meeting for sewing but I had second thoughts about it and suggest a PR weekend in Stockholm instead. I started a tread on PR, please go there for discussion

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Daytrip to Denmark

Malmo is situated in the south of Sweden and we have a bridge that connects us to Copenhagen and you can also reach Denmark by ferries between Helsingborg and Helsingör. There is a ticket called "Öresund runt" that allowes you to go by train and bus this trip, once on the ferry and once on the bridge and there are trains on both side of the water. A loot of people who do this trip stops by Lousiana, a famous artcentre between Helsingör and Copenhagen. We where six and we did the yarnstores.
We started at Helsingborg at "Tant Thea" who opened an hour early becourse of us

This shop opened recently and it was my first visit there. A really nice selection of various yarn, I bought a lace yarn from Wales called Fyberspates in a very nice green shade.
After that we took the ferry and had some coffea and danish, newbaked, still warm...
In Helsingör we visited two yarn shops first "Tot og tråd"
Eva looks this happy when she buys yarn:

There we all liked this poncho and had a discussion on why you can´t buy just the pattern, but you have to buy yarn too. We would all accept to pay a larger amount if omitting the yarn. Compare this with sewingpattern there we can collect as many as we like...
Then we went to "Spinneriet" She imitiately offered us coffea and as swedes we never say no to that. "Spinneriet" means "The Spinnery" and part from yarn she sells wools and rowings and in a lot of different breads and colors and combos of fiber

And yes there where som spinningwheels too

I´ve been thinking for a long time to start spinning and one of my knitting friends who was on this trip has offered to teach me so I bought some wool to try on.
The old word for female prison in swedish is "Spinnhuset" meaning "the spinning house" probably a way to keep the inmates occupied...
After Helsingör we went to Copenhagen, we ate on the train due to time pressure and knitted.
In Copenhaguen we visited 3 shops, Wilferts, Garniture and Joruns. Joruns was my favourite and if it wasn´t for the fact that they only accepted "DAN cards" I would have bought some of here shatlandic wool.
Dan cards is a local danish creditcard and it´s more common than one will think that shops only accept it.
It was the first really hot day and we where really tired so I did not take any photos at the last shops.
It seams like all the ladies went to IKEA for the expedit shelves

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent

YSL has always been my favourite designer and I had to se the retrospective exibition at Petit Palais that will close at august 29.
You are not allowed to take pictures in there and there´s no way you can sneake to do so.
There´s 307 models and some videoclips that are playing both from fashionshows and from films with Catherine Deneuve that he made clothes for. The clothes are displayed in themes that could be from the same collection or famous people, or other themes. One entire wall is covered with black manequins on a black background and showing all ( about 40) variations on the smoking for women. It´s in the same room with the theme "the last ball" that are showing spectacular eveningfashion in all kinds of colors. There are also a room with his swatches. He swatched fabrics and nailed them to papers and kept them in boxes by color for inspiration and boy did this guy know how to swatch!
There are also 14 different pictures of him from that famous nude shot displayed.
All signs are in french, english and one more language that I don´t recall.
When visiting the show I can see influenses of what I sewed as a teenager but not so spectacular. I would love to see it again! and if you are in Paris you should go and see it and it´s actually worth a trip...

Some advise if you are going. A lot of people want to see this and the lines are long!

I was there on saturday and there was an estimated waiting time for 2 hours. I took a chance and went back on sunday 30 minutes before opening and I was number 8 in line for people without tickets. A lot of people was reading my minds and there where long lines when they opened and the people with tickets was sent in first about 70 of them before my line had a chance so I came in 10 minutes after 10 so my advise is to buy tickets in advance and be there early!
The photo is of the line when I came out and some of these people will have to wait for three hours.