Monday, May 29, 2006

Trio of skirts

Here they are! The first is the one I described yesterday, the second is natural linen and the third is a stretchtwill.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I haven´t been talking much about sewing, but I´ve been making 5 skirts from the same pattern. I decided I needed simple skirts for summer and I already had a great pattern it´s from Burda 9/2004 number 144 and it does not look that special... The first time I used the pattern was 1,5 years ago, I made almost the pictures skirt but put the pocket so I could put my hand in it.
This time I wanted shorter skirts so my legs could get a tan... so I made them about 60 cm,23 inches, a good lenght for me.
The reason why I love this pattern is that it has elastic in the waist but it is also shaped in the side seams and has darts so there are not so much fabric to add bulk at the waist. I have a picture of the first 3 but not on this computer. Will add then tomorrow. The top skirts fabric is fab. its stretch and has a pattern wowen into it and then it´s printed, I have two skirts of this fabric before and they are so good looking and nice to wear.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Here are the poms. I´t is hard to take photos of your feet. My poms are bigger than the original and they are well frogged.
I think the original pattern has 6 pattern rep. and mine has 8
They where really fun to knit!
I´m miss bigfoot
I made the hedera too in black so the photo looked like something black in a shape of a foot. both patterns are from knitty and you can also reach them by clicking on " knitters anonomous" in my links.

New yarns

Went to salvation army late wedensday and found nice yarn in mohair 90% content and a cotton twisted in offwhite and mustard but since my checkaccount was empty I went back friday morning and bought it. The mohair is light lavender and not really my color but came to think of a shawl in weekend knitting where you crochet the border in a different yarn. I think I´ll go for that. There where nine balls for about 10 dollars. The cotton cost the same but had 11 skeins in the bag. I´m gonna knit a cardigan of them and if it looks dull I´ll dye the ready made garment in the washer.
My knitting has been a bit of aberlady, but now it´s time to split more yarn and I finished a sock from different purple tones, I used the same yarn for my poms. These new socks are made in a feather and fan pattern and I´m really proud becourse it´s the first time I tried this pattern and succeded

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I spent last night crocheing skullholders from "The happy hooker" in red and black. They are so cool! I did three, two of them, a pair in opposite colors are going to be a gift for my mother, I think she´s cool enough to have them. The third is going to school with me to inspire someone to do crochet. I followed the chart but started and finished them with 8 plain rows instead of 4.
Today I bought hot pink cotton yarn and did a "fat bottom bag" from the same book. The local craft store are selling see through handels with dried flowers in different colors inside them. Will look good! It was a very quick project but the store is closed tomorrow so I can´t finish it. Tomorrow will be aberlady, socks, sewing and cleaning day... and swimming or walking

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Promenade again

This is how it looks today. On the secong "wing" I´m on the orange stripes, but I think there´s not enough green yarn. I know I will need more red for the back and end pieces on the wing. The yarnstore (helylle) is very close to my parents so I might pay them a visit. Next time I´m gonna make something this big in wool I´ll start it in late september.
This shawl will be a cosy companion next winter. Don´t leave home without it!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Instant summer

I´ve been complaining over the weather before but it seemed that we skipped spring!
I got the yarn I ordered for my promenade yesterday and have finished the thirst " wing" and is on to the second. I knit inside and at night, wool and this weather don´t go hand in hand.
I´ve been knitting almost an entire sock from the toe up and frogging it. I liked to knit that way but my high vaults ( not sure of that word ) needs my regular heel so now I´m working the sock the ordinary way.
I´ve done other things too; thursday night I went curling. It´s so much fun but kind of strange packing winterclothes in the bag. Last time was a month ago, when I fell and hit the ice so bad that a lost my smelling sence completely for 2 1/2 weeks but now it´s coming back, monday I felt the smell of the soap and yesterday the toothpaste. I´m waiting on beeing able to drink wine again, especially since our knitting café´s are moving to un outdoor pub soon.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Favourite possessions

Lot´s of "s"there, maybe to many. This is a few of my favourite things...
My cat is 13 years old and sometimes feels that I´neglecting him, at least that´s what I think. He is an ordinary cat of unknown breed. He´s name is Gorbatjov becourse he has a black mark on his head just as the real MG. It was much darker when he was a kitten and 13 years ago the name was amusing. When my students ask what my cat´s name is I have to explain the name and they don´t think its funny at all.

Monday, May 08, 2006


This is my first project that actually has a gender. She ´s very nice to knit.
I made the bottomedge double for stability and so I can add elastic later if needed

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday split

Since I´m out of yarn for promenade I turned to my Aberlady ( Alice Starmore ) My Aberlady is more of a regular sweather not as short and tight as the original and I´m making her out of a eco cotton yarn. This is a lovely yarn made up from 4 thin treads but since I´m not a thick- knittingneedles- chick much to thick for me so I decided to split the yarn... It takes 1 hour to split 50 grammes so that´s the hardest part of knitting this sweather. Even though the pattern looks complicated; it has logic, as long as I use markers. I made my own using a salvage venizian glass necklace and some seed beeds. the picture will be posted tomorrow since it´s at a computer at work. I tried to take a photo of the markers too but it became to blurry.
I´ve also kitted a couple of rounds on a burgundy sock but I feel that the yarn is too boring, but it´s the second sock so I might give it a try tonight.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday morning

Spent the morning knitting while having breakfast. I´m almost done with the first "wing" on my "Promenade" but ran out of yarn when there´s 4 rows left, so now I´m back where I was monday...
After that I did some tests on HF does the combos of garther stitch and slip stitches to make her mosaic pattern. I´t was quite easy since you only knit with one tread and since I never was a good fair isle knitter I think this might be something for me.
I got a lot of books to read/ look in this weekend. I bought The happy hooker ( I love the title too!) and then I borrowed Knitting over the edge, Knitting Out of Africa ( not sure of the english title but it´s by Marianne Isager) and Folk bags from the library. I already have Modular Knits and Scarf style at home.

And we finally got nice wheather!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ice cream and knitting

Went to our knitting café yesterday. worked on my promenade, knitting about 10 rows, there are about 600 stitches on one row. I took a picture before I went, it showes the backpiece and the " tail " is one of the frontpieces.
They are selling icecream at half price for the hole of May, and it´s really good italian ice cream!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Knitting and frogging

Spent the weekend at my parents house knitting on my Promenade scarf. I didn´t buy the kit, it´s not that hard but after almost finished one of the side pieces I felt that I´ve picked up to many stitches from the backpiece and that it was a little bit too long so I frogged!
I´m using a norweigian wool called finullgarn from I feel that a part of the knittingprocess is to choose your own colors. Hanne doesn´t agree with me!
Planning to knit a mermaid this fall. I´m having a bit of trouble here since I have to buy a kit and I really want to use cotton yarn so I probably have to knit two jackets.

Where is spring?

PS I´m so happy being able to add Stickringen to this blog. I changed blog host 3 times!