Sunday, August 04, 2013

Lace again

And suddenly I was  proud owner of three more shawls,

I have a tendency not to block at once...
This one is called Scotish tistle and I chosed the pattern for it when I was going to Edinburg, thought it was suitable. One of the borders are a frost flower but this yarn does not let the pattern show off. The pic is from the blockning, I´ll do it on my bed, and I sometimed put the matress on top and sleep on it to...
I let the shawl soak for about 10 minutes in lukewarm water with a little shampoo in it and when I block I´m brutal!!! and I use pins with glass nobs so they don´t get stuck in tha matress and they are also easier to remowe, I just bought new ones, not that I needed but there was this little cute retro tin...
In Edinburg I bought the yarn for the Lotus shawl that I knitted on when I was in San Fransisco and in San Fransisco I bought a recycled denim yarn that I have to have a plan for when I´m going to Ireland....
Knitting shawls when travelling is super it´s really packing light

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The vintage pattern selector

Since I´m unable to load pictures both to FB and blogspot I´ll write a little about a new sewingbook I bought.
It´s called The Vintage Pattern Selector and the author is Jo Barnfield.
I like vintage looks but think that the whole kit is not suitable for my age and posture , It will look "matrony" as Heidi would have said. But I love all the different details in vintage pattern and I can use it in a more modern way and what´s what this book gives you!
They show you a vintage typical pattern and then pics on how you can style it in a modern way, these pics are both from patterncomanies like Colette and various manifactors and there´s patterns too!!!
Patterns for skirt, dresses, lingerie and accessoires too. They are sized S to XL and comes on a dvd.
There are not any pics of clothes from the patterns and I miss that.