Sunday, November 19, 2006

Onion jacket

I bought this fabric a year ago in Paris, it´s a wool- viscose bouclé and it looks much more hot pink in real life. I like Chanelstyle jackets but I´m not a classic dresser so it´s been resting in my closet but the other day I took this pattern:
and decided to make a jacket for myself. I shortened the jacket 5 cm/ 2 inches, it´s longer than on the drawing and shortened the arms to, I do that on all Onionpatterns and made a FBA. It´s under construction, I´m using the tecnique in last Threads and had some difficulties figuring out how to do the hood. I´m lining the complete jacket, used a quilted burgundy fabric bought at PR weekend Copenhagen last year for the hood, front and lower arms and grey viscoselining for the rest. I like it so far. I havn´t been sewing much this fall so I really need something to get me going. I have enought fabric for a skirt too, but I dont think I´ll ever wear them together.

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