Thursday, July 26, 2007


I updated my links and would like to introduce you to some friends:
Annika does it all! She makes "regular clothes", costumes and is a master on macrame and a lot of othe things! She lives in Seattle.
Tini is knitting and sewing in Kiel. Take a look at her corsett and her beautiful wedding pictures not to mention her cats...
Maria who haven´t been blogging for so long lives in Denmark and has nice cats too. Maria sells Onionpatterns through internet so if you live in an Onionfree zone or don´t trust your danish. You can order them through her! She lives in Ugerlöse not far from Copenhagen.
Karine ( KayB ) is from Berlin but is sewing and knitting in Ireland there she lives. I have in my stash a nice donegaltweed that I got from her and I´m saving it for a special project. She likes cats too!
Els is truly a master seamstress, member of the patternreview girls and should have five stars after her name if people realised. I don´t think she really cares, she is sewing in the Netherlands. She´s one of the members behind the Sewing Divas together with Ann, Gigi, Phyllis and Georgene. Some of them I met but I feel like I know them all.
Looking forward too meet you all in Kiel in october, will miss you Els!

Casey who writes Elegant musing is not only talented herself, she has the ability to find others that are too! I found a lot of nice blogs through her site.
Erica at Hook and Needles knows how to handle her machine and her needles. A lot of fashion and opinions on patterns.
Julie is a young sewer and crafter who does a lot of different things, recently moved from NY ( I would never do that! )
Pat does quilting and knitting, have been knitting a lot of socks lately and have a nice blog, take a look you too!
Annette at Mots e maille that I think translates to stitch and purl or somthing like that is a swede living in France and if you have the latest Interweave crochet there is a feature on her. I met her through her food blog there she writes in swedish. She recently moved from Alsace to outside Lyon. Through her blog I found
Batilou who makes wonderful clothes with yarn and fabric. I don´t remember that much french unfortunately but pictures are universal!


It´s the beginning of a Kiri from All tangled up in Vivaldi from Garnstudio. Not a favourite to knit, especially the purling!
I like the way you start it by casting on 3 stitches an knitting 13 rows ( or something ) and picking up stitches from one of the sides and the buttom. Read the instructions they are better than my explaination...

Ballerina update

Back view from the inside
I´ve started on the second sleeve. I know it´s hard to see!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Applique art

No, I did not do this it´s done by a woman called Gunilla Ståludd and belongs to my parents.


Plissé is on the way too. This is a project I will not take anywhere due to the bobbins, that´s why I have to do other things at the same time.....

Ballerina again

Ok! You´ve seen it before but this time it has the proper size of needles and the correct gauge and it will look great......

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Klippans Wool Factory

My knitting friend Jane and I went to Helsingör and to Klippan yesterday. At Klippan you buy yarns for weaving that are also great for knitting, each skein is 25 crowns ( 100 grams ) and these 2 where also 25 crowns
it´s a blend of cotton and flax and if you use several stands you can knit with it. m planning a Plissé with this
and here are 3 shades for a mermaid. The nice thing about using this kind of yarn is that you can get shades you like even if they are not in fashion!
This is same type of yarn but bought at goodwill 500 g for 55 crowns

Frogged and reknitted

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pimp your stuff!!

Scarf in mohair is readyso are these fingerless mittens from this book They are made of a beautiful yarn in wool shetlandic wool, alpacka and silk and the picots are from Garnstudio´s Vivaldi ( I had two balls in my stash ) But I wanted to decorate them ( pimp means decorate, but I´m not sure of it outside the borders of Sweden ). Panduro is a scandinavian craftstore and they have there offices i Malmoe. Recently they opened an outlet and they are selling things really cheap there so I went there again..... and bought this kit for making necklace, bracelets, earrings and a ring, bur I´m only making the necklace ( ready ) and the bracelet and are going to use the rest for the mittens.

Knitting injury

There´s a hole in my finger dear Liza dear Liza there´s a hole in my finger dear Liza a hole!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things to do on a rainy day

Dacapo is ready, all the threads are woven in an the arms are connected. Here´s a closeup. I know you can turn your head, sorry forgot tu turn the photo before loading
And I also did the final sewing and weaving in ends on the Viveca from Knitty. The photo is very blurry and you can already see on the sweather that I have a white cat!!
The mohair yarn bought the other day for a scarf has turned into the beginning of one, one ball makes 45 cm. I´ve knitted whit the second ball for a while now and the strange thing is that it looks like it was knitted by a totally different person, must be differenses in the yarn even though it has the same number and everything. Since it´s a scarf it will not show but if it was a sweather I would be worried.
I´m using the skills learned fron Dacopo on the edges. I make them like this:
lift 2 stitches knitwise with yarn on the back, knit until there are 3 stitches left, lift one purlwise with yarn in front purl one stitch twisted and purl last stitch

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I needed an apron for work and to be honest one at home too. I get a lot of spots on my tops and some are hard or impossible to remove. I had this cotton twill i my stash and thought it would be good for an apron. I used an old one, bought as agift for my dad 25 years ago for the pattern and curtainrings for the closure at the neck. So now I just have to remember to put it on when doing work in the kitchen...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More fabrics and yarns

I´m good at shopping! The beige fabrik is 100% silk costs reg 600 crowns/ meter 70 euro maybee? I´m not sure. I payed 100 crowns and got 30 cm extra!!
The flowery fabric costed 50 crowns/ meter and I got 3 meters. It´s not really my kind of fabric but due to the greens in it I can wear it. I also bought yarn for a scarf ( You can never get enought of them ) The wiskers belongs to my cat.
I borowed a danish knittingbook called vintage knits or something like that and there was a beautiful scarf with a edge in crochet in lurex...I also have a jacket (almost finished) that this scarf to be will look good with!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Copycat 2

At Stof og stil there where 33% of at the remnant table so these pieces have a good home now! I decided to do one more bag and here I am audition fabrics and trims for the project
And this guy has an opinion about where my attention are
OK! Time to bend your head again and look at the almost finished bag


I wrote about Jane Burchard´s bags before and when Ann- Sofie and I went to Copenhaguen last fridays we droiled again ....but this time we looked inside too and there are beautiful fabrics too and some interesting things like pockets made of old cross-stitched embroidery pieces. Anyway, last time I bought some fabrics and found some and some things for embellishment, but nothing happened. Today it did!!! here´s outer piece: And here´s lining with zip pocket, on the other side there´s a small pocket for my cellphone
and here´s a flap that needs something more and if you turn your head you´ll se the finished bag. It´s a good thing that "Stoff och Stil" are opened on sundays. I bought the sparkeling brosch for 40 crowns that is a perfect match!

Sewing room makeover

I decided to do some sewing today and started by cleaning up my sewing place ( I sew in my bedroom ) look how neat it looks! Hmmm. Where am I supposed to sleep tonight??
Well, here is one who has no problem to take a nap anywhere or anytime