Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Viveca finished

The knitting on Viveca is done, now it needs some sewing, weaving in ends and blocking.
Next project is my silkyarn that I´m making a cardigan with raglan sleeves knitted from the top! I think it will work

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Viveca again

First arm finished, I really like the long wide style. I also did the crochet around the V neck and if it was one cm deeper I would have to frog again. If someone are planning to knit it and read this consider measuring this before!

Friday, October 20, 2006


This is what my coat looked like when I gave in last year. The pattern is a BWF jacket. I had a lot of inspiration and tried different armcuffs, but then I made a buttonhole too many and it wasn´t fun anymore. It´s been ripped so you can´t see it on the picture but I have to do something fun to cover it, maybee some machine embroidery on a piece of the velvet, don´t know yet. I bought new really expensive boots so this is what I have to work with for a coat. The wool is from Stoff och Stil, a danish chain fabric store as is the velvet trim and the velvet for the collar and armcuffs is from Ohlssons tyger that´s closing down now and having a sale. It´s really not a big deal for the people of Malmö, but they where my source for Onion patterns.
Progress on Viveca: finished front again and are half way throught first arm, doing it on circular needles and starting from the top, I made the arms 12 stitches wider by picking up stitches from the sideseams and knitting them until size of the 8 stitches added and then picking up from the armcycle. The V-neck looks really good now. I increased every second row. will try to take picture o it, it´ll probably looks like those fashion photos showing black clothes...

Monday, October 16, 2006


I finished the front of the Viveca and knitted the shoulders together and tried it on. No way I can be creative enought to do something about this deep V-neck so I frogged it and is going to knit 10 cm/ 4 inches more before splitting this time. I´m doing it in XL and maybee the other sizes have better proportions.

I was going to write about my mini SWAP here but since blogger don´t want to load pictures tonight I´ll be back another time, on a computer near you

Saturday, October 14, 2006

...and more socks

My Jaywalkers are done.
The Viveca sweather has a finished back and almost a front too. It has a very low V-neck I might do something creative there and there are some miscalculations in the pattern but it´s easy to knit and a rather fast project.
Yestarday I was snoopshopping Odd Molly merchendice and are planning to use a silk yarn for a "stolen" cardigan .
I have a half sewen coat from last year that I will have to look into and then there´s the Lucia jacket. I think I might be the UFO queen!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

knitting and sewing

The ripple weawe socks that I showed earlier has been frogged twice and turned into 1,5 Jaywalker socks. I got messed up in the pattern and decided not to sweat so much over a pair of socks.
I´ve been sewing too. I made new curtains for my livingroom and it´s probably the first time I decided to make curtains, sewed them and completed the hemming in two days. Now I´m allowed to lock for new pillows, Yey!
I went to Salvation army yesterday and found a nice yarn in a wool, cotton, linen and polyamid blend, it´s only 7% synthetic so I bought it 20 balls and started to knit a Viveca sweather from the latest Knitty. The yarn I bought are a twist of a plain black wool tread and a blue boucle tread and I´m using a burgundy cotton for the details.
Talking about burgundy, I also found a lambwool men´s sweather that I felted yesterday and should eventually become something very nice. I should however finish my green " spede" from a felted green sweather.


Amy Butler has really cute patterns and this pattern looked both simple and cute.
I´m a true beliver that you can´t have too many bags or too many shoes, but shoes can give you blisters and doesn´t always fit som my obsession is more to bags and When I found this bag I had to make my own. I do own two of her patterns too but this one I chosed to steal first in FQ reproprints

and then in a remnant from a jacket I made before. This one is what I use to bring lunch and fruit to work in
The repro bag I use as a handbag when wearing turquoise clothes