Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mission accomplished

I finished my blue silk cardigan without embroidery, the drawstringbag and the pink scarf is blocket. Nothing is impossible. When I cleaned the mirror I will show pictures!
I´m worth one more drink of glögg!!!


There´s a thin red line between UFO and VIP but I think this is a VIP. The yarn is a fleamarket find in cotton, one mustard and one off white thread. I´m planning on making a simple sweater and embellish it with patchwork shapes in felt attached with buttonhole stitches like this one from Free people
( I think ) Like those mittens too!

UFO mission 7

Lots of weaving in ends here. Knitted in Bourette silk in a lovely coffe brown shade that does not show on the photo. Been waiting for sewing loooong time. need to buy tread, tha yarn is way to weak to use, probably will I need to make it longer, have some yarns left. The sweater is based on a pattern in VK but since the photo is soooo bad it can´t be seen.

UFO mission 6

Blue silk cardigan needs trimmings and the snaps on the proper place. Put one not there yesterday so I have to find some tools today ( ? ) to remove it. Will probably add machine embroidery or sew on something. The burgundy velvet trim, but not as wide is going at the arm endings as well on the Onion goes Chanel jacket.

UFO mission 5

My Onion goes Chanel jacket, needs arms and zipper and a thin velvet trimming, detail of chain:

I really like this jacket and it looks good with the New year skirt. That skirt is finished!

UFO mission 4

Draw string bag for laundry. Need drawstrings and have done that for way too long!

UFO mission 3

My recycled Spede. Need to buy some more trimming for this one, will have to wait. Go to the store tomorrow!

UFO mission 2

It´s the Viveca sweater, needs some weaving in ends, sewing side seams and blocking.

UFO mission 1

Scarf in recycled sari silk and merino, needs weaving in ends and blocking. How hard can it be!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Year Skirt

This is my X-mas skirt that suddenly turned into my New Year skirt since I´m home alone with the flu.
Great pattern, the piece, it´s only one is cut on straigt grain in the middle back and turnes into bias in the front. I made my skirt longer than the two pattern options and will make many more!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

X-mas skirt

I wanted a red skirt for christmas and liked this pattern since I saw Jette ( the designer ) wearing it more than two years ago. I cut it in a burgundy red linen fabric about a mounth ago and pinned it to a curtain to stretch.
The skirt is in one piece, it´s on straight edge in the middle back and bias at front, and it´s fits beatiful over the hips. I need help with the hem, gonna ask a friend tomorrow. It´s really fast sewing, front hems, waistband and hem. I´m gonna add something to the ties to embellish it and leave the skirt plain. It will look good with the Onion-Chanel jacket when it gets ready.