Friday, September 16, 2016

Classic shirt Burda

I had a white shirt in my plan for fall but felt that it was not really what I wanted so I found this black shirting at Stoffdillen in Copenhagen. Stoffdillen is located in Ishöj center and if you plan to visit Arken; the artmuseum it´s very Close. They sell end bolts and 30 danish crowns is the common price, maybee 4 dollars a meter They also have zippers, lace and other stuff in a very not organized way...
I bought the Archer shirt pattern when I was in London earlier this year but after tracing it and saw the looong sleves and remember some issues with the collar I decided to go Burda instead, but I used the hemline from the Archer and my own placket and this is really the kind of sewing that I enjoy and I´m really pleased with it and will be more pleased after a date with the iron and a scissor to snip of some ends

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

ZickZack Scarf times two

About 2400 scarves have been posted on Ravelry from Christy Kamm´s zickzack scarf and it´s an easy pattern that should be knitted in a stripy yarn as the light one to the left, the effect is very Missoni, the right one is knitted in two more variagated yarns, beautiful but in a different way, two skeins of about 100 g each makes a 1,7 m long scarf and I would say that it´s a good scarf size. Winter is coming!

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Black tops times two

I did some sewing today , finished two tops from the wonderful rayon knit I bought in Toronto, When we where shopping Connie had a top with a tulle neckline and I stole that idea straight up and added it to sleeves and neckline on both tops. Basic black tops are so boring to sew so I have to think about if that is something I should do in the future...Used two patterns from Ottobre that where very basic and since I´ve traced them I might as well use them again. Tracing Ottobre is not my favourite!