Friday, February 19, 2010

Coolest bras in town

I can´t stop making bras! This one ha´s been visable in the widget to the right for a while. It´s inspired by the bra "Vivien" wears in the beginning of Pretty Woman but I used beige powernet to underline the band to give it structure and support and by covering it with lace I think it gives the illusion of skin

The second one is not finished yet, I need to send for a clousure from Elingeria. This is based on a kit from Kantjeboard and is exactly the same pattern as the black lace ( and as almost all the bras I sewed....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latvian mitts finished and limewedge started

The latvian fingerless mitts ended up with fingers they became a regular mitt, if anything could be called regular in these color. A good thing we really have winter this year so I can use them.

I needed a "taxi" knitting and decided on another citrus and since I had this weaving yarn in 100% linen I casted on. The linen is not so very fast to knit with but the glow and the color are beautiful! I made 4 sections on the picture and my plan is to use all yarn. I have a simular yarn that I could use for the ruffle if I miscalculate

New Bohus sweather in my hands

I spotted it from outside yesterday and I really don´t know how this could have happened since the patterned yoke is really small and it was hanging on a rack packe with other knitted items.

It´s knitted from the bottom in the same shade like my tobacco but this one has a square neckline that is picked up and knitted as if it was round to make the yoke. At first I thought it was a Rimfrost but after checking at Solsilkes homepage they are simular but with another design.

The label is there

and the 3 buttons in the back

The quality of the knitting is so much better in this one than in the tobacco.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cap shawl

I casted on for a "Cap shawl" from "Victorian lace" a circular shawl for ME-MOI-MIG

and at the beginning everything went well but then it was something wrong and I frogged parts of the knitting as learned from the Yarn Harlot

and reknitted it row by row

I´ve done this a couple of times already and will do it again tomorrow...
The yarn is alpacka from Isager ( didn´t buy enought, but hopefully there will be more at Summerfuglen next time I´m in Copenhagen)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fika with Filippa

We swedes really know how to "fika" Fika means having coffee and we drink a lot of coffee...I think only finland drinks more. You can´t enter a swedish home without get the question if you want coffee before you take your shoes of ( onother habit of ours)

When I grew up the coolest thing you could have was jeans from "Gul och Blå" ( Yellow and blue as in the swedish flag) and I can recall trying to duplicate the topstitching of their jeans in my early sewing days, especially the Marilyn jeans front pockets with a little point with a button on was my favourite. The company does not excist any more but their daugter grew up and became a designer too. She owns the label Filippa K and as a "sidekick" she does china and I collect the espresso mugs. There are ordinary coffeemugs and bowls too. Not only are the shape of the mugs super, there are new patterns coming out, the one to the right are from last year and are inspired by the charms of a bracelet and my favourite the netted lace to the right are so beautiful and looks so much better on the smaller cups. There´s also a net like tuille as well as some more grafic designs