Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Storyboard, kind of anyway...

This is my jacket; view C in dark green corduroi Blouse in eyelet. I´m gonna make view A and use the border of the fabric for the hem of both the body and arms.
Might add some trim. This blouse will double as a light jacket. planning to button it and have a seperate tie belt.
This is the skirt for the flowery fabric. The fabric also has a stripe so I think this skirt will be interesting since it´s a bias skirt, nice hemline too!

and finally the plaid skirt. there´s a trim on the left "foldpiece"

I can do that!

It´s no secret for the readers of this blog that I adore the clothes of Odd Molly. They have a new collection out and these fingerless mittens I can easy duplicate. I think drops alpacka is a good choise! The problems with fingerless mittens are that your finger gets cold...has to be matched with gloves. I just love the way they show these with worn out nailpolish... A lace shawl. There´s plenty out there to be knitted!
I´m not sure about the fabrics here but I like the way they use tree different fabrics
This is a goodie! bleach spots. I think it might be a good thing to try the tecnique on a piece of fabric before sewing. I also think that this is a good idea for spicing up a vintage suit from the closet or the flea market
I´m not a lacy ( lazy? yes sometimes...) girl but I really like the hemline of this skirt, It has a vintage feel to it and I´m thinking of using it for a dress in an embroidered viscose I bought in Paris
Here´s the fabric! I think I can use the colors of the emroidery for the trim. I´m not sure what pattern I will be using yet!

The fabric is not here, look in the next posting

Odd Mollys website are oddmolly.com. There´s more goodies there!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Modular knit shrug

Using Drop´s alpacka very soft and using 7 colors and deciding square after square
Don´t you dare remove this!!
I´ve finished the back/front of it and are going to start on the arms that will have 2 stitches less/ a square every other row to shape the arms.
Alpacka is such a nice yarn!
The photos doesn´t really show off the colors!


Shawl for my SIL
I think the yarn is called Mora it´s two treaded and 900 meters/ 100 g

Mini wardrobe contest

I entered th PR review´s mini wardrobe contest and auditioned fabric i think this one´s the winner; upper fabric green corduroi for a jacket, plaid for a skirt, floralfor a wide skirt and eyelet for a wrap blouse
Here´s a variation with the plaid skirt replaced with a green top
and here´s the eyelet blouse replaced with a redish top, does not go so well with the plaid skirt though...
and here´s one variation with a beige knitted jacket and the green corduroi as a skirt.
Even if I can´t compete with more than 4 items I still allowed to make more!

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Santa was at his yearly congress in Copenhagen. I wonder what they discuss; the lack of faith...?

I was shopping yarn, fabric and goat´s butter. I was on a trip with two knitting guilds and knitting, drinking beer and having fun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dress again! and yes it´s red!

I bought the latest Burda and found this dress there. I like the yoke and the neckline and had some linen I thought would look nice and it did! I did the front yoke by staystitching the shape where the seam should be and turn tha fabric on the seam , place needles and sew one seam from the top

I´ve done this on skirts and other items when the shapes are a little bit special.
This is a very good pattern!!! BWF 07-2008-107. no 108 is a top that is only shorter.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Strik a la carte

This is from Strik a la carte by Marianne Isager, a very talented danish designer. There are a lot of really beautiful and wearable garment in this book I´m using an ecological cotton that i don´t know why doesn´t seem to be made into a finished garment. It started its knitting career as Aberlady wannabe but this is the best so far.

It´s a special way of doing the knitting, you start at the shoulders and knitt down ward the hemline that will be zig zaged. I´m shaping it a little. Fun project to knit and a good summer top since you can actually wear a bra under it. One of the knitters at my knittin café made 3 of it, one was from sockyarn. So far I like everything about this top

Spede update

The knitting is finished!!!

Sari dress

At PR weekend in Copenhagen Annika brought this sari to the ugly fabric swap and i recall stealing it from Åsa several times. I once started to cut out wrap pants from it but changed my mind. Now it´s a dress. Used a pattern from the same Patrones as the skirt and used the long border of the fabric for the hemline and the back yoke The front yoke is made from the endpart that should fall over your shoulder.
The dress was realy easy and fast and it´s important to use a very light fabric. It´s a dress that I think will work especially good as after beach.
This sari was made from cotton, I have a silk sari too that I bought at a little shop in Berlin a couple of years ago. I´m letting it age with dignity...

Monday, July 07, 2008

First Patrones

A couple of weeks ago I was in a shop that sells a lot of foreign magazines and snooplooking at Patrones. Patrones costs 130 crowns that´s 13 euro. In Spain it sells for 4.20. I´m glad they don´t add that much on tomatoes...
Anyway since two of my friends where going to Spain I asked if they could.....
And they did!
This is my first skirt, the drawings in the magazine are not always accurate so I had som difficulties before I figured it out, not much but it would have been better to know from the start.
I also doing some painting, so I painted my kitchen table white and decided to make a cloth for it. Tomorrow I´m going to check out what chairs the fleamarkets offer. I´m so tired of these...