Monday, December 31, 2012

Resumé 2012, goals 2013

My goals for 2012 where: Focusing on a few key pieces I want to make a Odd Molly look alike knitted blazer using my knittingmachine A couple of nice dresses for summer There is that sampler sweather from Rowan that I´ve saved to do for 20 years and I want to make it with handspun yarns on the knittingmachine I would like some pieces that say "night", after work oriented that I could not wear to work, a little fancy stuff. I bought fabric for a blouse when visiting Annika and I will sew it next year. You can´t have too many shawles! More spinning There is a Vivienne Westwood skirt that I like to make. I adore both her and her clothes! I need a slip or two Have fun! Focusing on a few key pieces... well there where not much finished Odd Molly lookalike knitted blazer is still on the list,I punched some cards for the knittingmachine... A couple of nice dresses for summer turned into 1, the chambray dress The sampler sweather is still on my list and I´m spinning for it but is going to do the knitting by hand. Nighty pieces, no such thing Shawl Yes I did some of those and really nice ones too! I spun some yarn and will continue doing so, homespun is so nice I forgot all about the vW skirt, I made a Beignet though, and a very nice one I need a slip or to and I bought some, mostly due to not being able to find the fabric and It doesn´t matter becourse I love to wear them! and do so even when I don´t really need to So goals for next year: I want to make one or two really nice shirts, Nice dress for going to PR weekend San Fransisco Casual jacket for spring summer, have a Sandra Betzina pattern that I like I bought the Susan Kahlje class on craftsy so a really nice dress would be fun. Maybe something to shop for in SF Double and twined knitting I would like something a little retro, like the details of vintage clothing and since I don´t sew so much I might as well do nice things then I do Right now my hallway is in focus and I´m making progress Project 333 is going really good. I have not used all the clothing and have done 2 months now so one more month and then doing som switches and then planning for a spring- summer closet. and hopefully some sewing there... The best thing about it is that laundry is simplified Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas again

I don´t salubrate christmas, I´m not religious, I don´t like swedish X-masfood and honestly I don´t need to eat a lot of chocolate... But what I like is the tradition of hanging electric stars and putting electric candle holders in the windows. And when januari comes I always tell myself that I should buy a lamp to put in the window and last year I did, so this year I kind of forgot to put the star up... Anyway I´m making progress in my hallway and have decided to have white walls, keep my white floor and paint the entrance door red, the same red as the wallpaper in my livingroom, let´s pretend I´m Elisabeth Arden for a while. I will buy a a closet maybee in black or oak. My horoscope is really good for next year. I´ll be falling in love with an old love in january, get very angry in july, get better work conditions after summer and I will also totally change the way I dress, hairdo ( that´s true, I´m still post chemo growing it) and I will change my makeup, the last thing is very exciting since I only wear mascara I havn´t been sewing for a while and I know my machine is somewhere behind all the things I moved from tha hallway waiting to be used, I plan to sew in the kitchen instead while waiting for the extra space I planned to rent in the basement of my appartment building. Still have some wallpaper that wants to go so Merry Christmas or Happy Hannuka everybody!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Shawls with and without beads

Some people stash sock yarn, I stash lace weights and I can+t get enought shawls
Lace shawls weight almost nothing fits all sizes are great with any outfit and I really like what beads can do to them and the thrill when blocking is unbeatable, they are so much more fun to knit that tearing down wallpaper....