Saturday, July 29, 2006

I made pants!

I only show the closeup. The photo of me in the mirror looks odd. I used a BWF pattern 2006/ 05 no 134 that I added lenght in the legs to and made a draw string waist. I saw a simular pair in town last summer and I´m so glad that I finally have these pants. I´m also glad that I´m back in business, tomorrow I´m gonna go down to the basement and cut out a jacket and a skirt. I have to show you what it look like in "my" basement. The room I use for cutting is a mangel room. A mangel is a giant machine that due to pressure makes your linen and sheets wrinklefree instead of ironing. Here´s 2 pics:


Karina said...

Hi Karin,

what a monster! Is it still in use?
I remember seeing a smaller version, donkey years ago.

Tini said...

Karin, are the trousers for you?
And a great mangel... I remember that my great-aunt had one too. Do you still use it?

karin said...

Hi Karina and Tini
Yes the trousers are for me!
The mangel is still in use, I haven´t used it but there are ladies in my building who does. I think it´s easier to let it be there than trying to takr it out of the house

krista said...

That is very cool fabric.

Lydia said...

Great "cutting room" you have - So much space! You have made some wonderful projects - I just found your blog - I have bookmarked this site!:)