Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colette Beignet

I spend more time on the couch with knittingneedles and even more time on the net than in my new sewingroom, but today I finished the Beignet skirt that I´ve been working on for a while (aka "that has been hanging over a chair for me to finally do the loops...") It´s my first Colette pattern but I did my usual ajustment for big "derriere". I used the largest size and my fitting assistent don´t do my hips justice... What I liked about the pattern in the first place was that "extra" button way down, buttoned skirts usually end the closure a little bit higher, and there are tons of different skirts made from this pattern on the net. The pattern in itself is relly nice it´s a booklet with a tissuepattern in a pocket at the end. and I also liked that there where seperate pattern pieces for the lining. I bought all the fabrics including buttons at Stof och Stil, a local chain. The voile for the lining was intended for a top but I changed my mind. I used 1,6 meters a lot less than the pattern say and thanks to research on PR I could save some money here. The high waist is a little strange after all years with skirts with facings but feels comfortable
The pic with the tag and lining will not be accepted by blogger so you have to wait for it And here´s my new darling; Missan
Navy is kind of new to me but there´s a lot of nautical things going on right now, I was thinking of gold buttons first but decided on these at the end. I bought a seqiunned top I find it hard to spell it becourse it´s something I rarely use. but this one is not so sparkly and now I have something to wear whit it!