Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A plan for summer

I also have a plan for summer, I was not sure what to sew at first, but when I whore my flowery skirt I decided to do a plan around it and add the summerblack dress we all need, mine is actually ready and I whore it today, its another Karen dress this one slightly tighter and in a rayon jersey.

The other items here are the green top that I found the matching fabric at Ohlssons, the broderie anglais is a remnant bought in New Orleans at a fabric store called Promenade at 1520 Saint Charles Ave , it was lost for a while but now it´s found, the orange is a sweatherknit that I got at an ugly-fabric-swap and I´m not used to do sweatherknit so I really dont know what to do with it

Monday, May 16, 2016

MMMay Onion 2031

I love this dress and this fabric! One of my favourite designers are Nygårdsanna, She does classic things inspired by historical pieces and uses only natural fibers, always a Libertyprint, her linen is TDF ( to die for)  and her designstudio is in Linköping and twice a year she has a clearance sale there when she sells fabric too, and I fell in love with this pattern when she made her collection of it so last time when I was at the sell out I grabbed what was left of it, I still has a piece and I don´t know if I want to make a top or a skirt from it or just pet it ( that´s normal?! right!?) It´s a cotton sateen with some stretch and the colors and pattern are lovely!!!!

 The pattern I used is this  and it´s the third time I used it , I omitted the split in front and added pockets the Nygårdsanna way;big so you can put your hand into it! I´m very pleased with the way the flowers ended up, not on any "focal points" I think the neckline is just the right size and the elastic on the sleeves is such a nice detail. The sleeve is kind of strange just under the elbow but I´m very fond of them.

Onion is a danish company and I buy them when I go to Copenhagen. That´s just 40 minutes by train and I go not as often as I used to, have to do something about that....If you live not so close to Denmark there are some dealers who has a webshop. I´m a huge fan of their patterns!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Gerda Wegener

A while ago my dad told me about this fab danish artist that he never heard of before and whos work
Arken, a danish artmuseum outside Copenhagen was having an exibit, He also told me that her husband was a transvestite and she painted him as his alter ego; Lily. 
So one day that I was not working I took my car and drove over the bridge ( as in The Bridge) and at the museum I realised that her husband was "The danish girl" .
The exibit shows different types of her work as fashiondrawings, erotic illustrations as well as portraits, not only of Einar/Lily. There are some painting by Einar too and there are motivs that both Einar and Gerda painted, but in different ways.
The exibit also told the story of Gerda´s life, and it differs a little from the movie ( that I loved also!)
If you google Gerda Wegener you get a lot of pictures, some from the movie but also a lot of her work
I picked a few to show here:

At the end of the movie there´s a textline that says something like "Gerda continued to do paintings of Lily" She might have done that, but she also remarried, moved to Marrakech and did some wonderful paintings there too! No danish museum bought any of her work so I´m thrilled that this exibit has been a success!! I´m going to go back and see it once more and since they have decided to prolong the time it´s showing until januari 7 2017, there´s plenty of time!
And I recommend that you do too!
The museum shop had some books on 1920 fashion, drawingbooks as well as 2 posters( I think) but not of her magazine covers and fashion drawings...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I sew with a plan!

My drawing skills are minimal but I found Gertie´s sketchbook and it helps me a lot. The background kroki sketches are like shadows and they are normal in height and have 3 different sizes.
We have a Facebook group in Sweden there we make 4 plans with 6 items (more or less) we precent our plans on our page and then the result, in between we chat alot and we actually meet to sew for 4 days(and nights) in a row.
The picture above is my plan for spring and below are the fabric and yarn to the left and to the right the ready items - the skirt

The flowery fabric is a silk I bought in Italy a long time ago, a nice silk that I did not like on me so I never finished it.
I had plans using a Seamwork pattern called Onaka but ended up using an old favourite from Burda that I have made more skirts than I can remember from

I think the magazine is from 2002 and when I saw the new pattern; Selene from Colette I decided that I would never buy it but I´m hoping for a lot of inspiration from people who do.
This time I made a fake wrap skirt by making two frontpieces and letting them open up. The fabric for the skirt is from Joann´s , bought it in Seattle almost five years ago, I like it! It´s shiny and has a little stretch.
The blue and green leafy jersey is from a fabric shop in Gothenburg, I bought 2,5 or 3 meters and that was enought for a dress and a topp, used the same pattern Onion 2047, a knit dress with some gathering on top of the sleeves and split center back. A favourite of mine!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

MMMay continues

Left in my hallway with my knitted Siri cardigan and to the right I found a skirt I sewed a couple of years ago and never used due to I´ve considered myself not beeing so colorful. The top is a bought top never used either and both garments are really strays since this is the only match they have. After wearing the outfit for two days I have to say that I like it and my plans for a summer closet is to add things to it. And I think I´ll start with a white jacket, first I was thinking Jeans but Now I´m leaning more towards a bomberjacket...
The flowery skirt is an old sligtly A-line skirt from an ooold plus size issue and probably the garment I spent most time on sewing and used silk organza for stabilizing the yoke, the zipper is really well done and the skirt is lined with rayon lining, the outer fabric is a cotton sateen bought locally in a store that no longer exists. The photo is taken in my dads bathroom and as you can see that light is much better there.
We have had a really nice and sunny weekend, visits from relatives and good food

Thursday, May 05, 2016

St Petersburg

I saw that where are a lot of people reading the blog from Russia so I have to write about when I went to St Petersburg. It was a 4 day weekend and I could have used 2 days more, but I can Always come back...For a Swede travelling to Russia you need a visa that you have to pay in my opinion too much for, when applying you have to show papers on payed hotel etc and it was really so much work so I bought a weekend package from a travel agency and that included a guided tour of the city from bus that in my case became a private guide and a cab since my plane was delaided for 2 hours. I stayed at a hotel called Moscow and it was not my kind of hotel, 825 rooms and breakfast was included and that many people in a huge room became like eating in a school canteen....

I like taking subway, trains and busses on vacation and St Petersburg is easy to navigate from the subway and cheap, I think the subway is the deepest subway in the world and you can see on the left picture how long it is to the top. The right picture is from a trainride I took to the Tsar´s summerpalace; Petershof

This picture show how it has been restored

Since I work with trains I had to visit Vitebskiy Railway station that was the first railway station in Russia built in 1837 and restored to it´s original glory....and it was Beautiful, with chandelers and staircases, the formal Tsar´s waitingroom was a cafeteria ( left Picture)

During the guided tour the guide recommended a visit to what my old guidebook refers to as the Summerpalace garden, and the first summerpalace is here and it´s really close to the Winterpalace, the palace, that is on the small side was closed for renovation but the park was lovely to stroll

 Ok and  now to the serious part; fabricshopping, the sewing machinestore was rather close to my hotel and looked like an ordinary dito store in Sweden, I checked the prices for needles and thought they where like home.  When I travel I usually google "fabric shopping in...." and that way I found the fabric store, There where actually several shops in the building, the good fabric was on the second floor.... and it was good!! they had a wool room that I did not get a picture on and I thought the prices where good. All the fabrics hanging in the back have samples on the desks so you can touch them and when you want something you tell the lady at the desk how much, she does not speak English but numbers are international, then you get a note and take it to the cashier and pay for it( they do take cards) take the receipt, bring it back to the first lady and you get you get the good stuff

I don´t remember the name of the shop nor the adress but it´s easy to find, you go to the Finlandish railwaystation, stand on the stairs and look toward Neva, look to the right and on the street outside the railwaystation the store is on the first block to the right. I bought two pieces, payed with card and I don´t remember how much I paid but it was good value.

The food was great, I ate at a lot of different places an high end cafées, canteens, restaurants in back streets and at the hotel. The funniest meal was when I was going to the fabric store and it was not opened so I went around the block and found a café in a basement and ordered cappucino( not a good choise...) and what I thought was a apricot and almond cake that turned out to be filled with mushrooms.... but it tasted great!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

MMMay Denim skirt

MMMay day 3, wearing a denim skirt and a top from a Onionpattern ( more on that one later

I hate selfies and I´m not good on doing them! The grey hoodie is something I wear at work a lot due to that the temeratue is different in different parts of the room, but when I see this Picture I should probably wear something else most of the time....

The pattern to the skirt comes from this book; sy nederdele (sew skirts) only in danish but with good step by step pictures you can follow in any language. The publisher says that this is the fastest selling book they have ever published, Sewing is Cool again!!!

Maria on the cover in 1 inch makeup...

I made some changes like opening up the waistband and used the pockets from the Ginger Jeans since the pockets here are so tiny, tiny...I actually used all of my skills from the Ginger jeans into sewing this skirt and the same 2% stretch denim and the skirt was on the large side but after washing it I find the size better, I really don´t know why I missed fitting the side seams...
I used quilters cottons from stash, button from my stash of extra buttons from RTW and rivets from Prym

When Maria and I where in London for the PR meetup we went to Victoria and Albert museum on sunday and bought one of these cups that I use as intended on the box. Only days after, the big lingerie/undergarment exibition opened ,so now I have a reason to return.The giftshop located in the clothes exibit have some notions from Merchant and Mills as well as books and other stuff

There are a lot of nice things about that museum part from the collections; it´s free, nice restaurant and you can sit outside if its warm, clean toilets, fun gift shop

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

MMMay Karen and Karin

May second is Karen Day and another picture from work and yes it´s dark outside due to shift I´m going to talk about the papers on the wall at the end of this post.

The fabric used is the second from bottom and it was bought at a sewing machine/fabric/notionstore in Copenhagen called City Sy Center, It´s on Amager Brogade so it´s not really very central but there´s a metrostation close by. It´s a cotton/elastan fabric and was a bit pricy compared to other fabrica I bought. The reason why I was there was Maria och Signe´s releaseparty for the book they have written about sewing skirts. ( more on that later).
Anyway Maria gave me the Karen pattern ( I also met the real Karen at the party...) and I planned to wear it at the PR meetup in London a couple of weeks later, but there was no time between shopping and party to switch clothes so the dress made it to afternoon tea at the Orangerie at Kensington Palace
Karen is a really nice pattern that is fast and sew and give something extra to a basic knit dress. It only needs 2 meters of fabric and I have bought fabric for one more dress, I just need to pick up my scissors that have been sent away to be sharpened.

 and we had it all including the Champagne. superdelisious in a supernice place on an coldish springday

The book looks like this and I will talk about it later
About those papers on the wall. each year about dec 7 we have to apply for when we want to have our vacation the next year, I have 34 days I can use and if I don´t apply now there are a little chance that I will get of on my dates, the problem with this is that it´s pure luck if I can attend a wedding och birthday party that I was not aware of at this early point and that is why I can´t attend PR weekend in Chicago that I so was looking forward to....

Sunday, May 01, 2016

MMMay Ottobre dress

I started my first Me Made May by wearing one of my favourite dresses, It´s from the latest Ottobre and is really a simple dress that I added my own pockets to, The pockets have been admired by a lot of people, even my dad commented on them....

You can hardly see the dress...but I´m also wearing a shawl I knitted as well as a bra and panties

These dresses are from the latest Ottobre, a magazine I buy every adult issue of but don´t sew that much from . It´s a pity becourse the models are really the everyday clothes that I tend to wear.

The fabric is a double weave cotton that looks like some kind of superexpensive japanese denimy fabric but is really a coupon from Gentlemen of tissu in Paris, I had 3 meters and gave the leftovers away to become a skirt for a friend. I finished the neckline with a bias  that I sewed to the back with the machine and then cut clean, I did not want to turn the ends in due to thickness of the fabric. This is a dress that work all year around and I think the fabric wont show wear so I can enjoy it for years to come.

Happy Bloggoversary

10 years today!