Friday, May 18, 2007

Notion for knitting

On our knitting meeting Tuesday ( when we where filmed for a documentary on the new knitting guilds ) We talked about the need for something to hold notions like ruler, scissors,measuringtape etc. Since I use this bag for my knitting most of the time. I decided to use repro cotton Take a look att the zipper, Stick opp is the name of my local knitting group!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday walk

I took a 2 hour walk sunday morning and went through a local fleamarket. I was early and the sellers where unpacking. I saw one woman having yarn, so I asked how much? 5 crowns/ ball or skein!! so I bought this for 60 crowns ( 7 euro ), it´s all wool.
Earlier I went through city windowshopping when I realized that I had the camera with me and snoopshopping on a sunday morning means you can take pictures of the windows! First the window at Nygårdsanna
She makes good quality clothes in a modern folklore tradition and then I saw this blouse that I think is Ralph Lauren:

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I attended a workshop in different crafts like nuno felting, needle felting, decoupage, silk painting. The bracelet is done in needle felting and are going to be embellished later and the other thing is done layering wool, lace and yarn between layers of disolving "fabric" sewing and then soaking it in water so the "fabric" disappear. I added som sparkle afterward and are going to make a book cover with it on. When we where finished and the teacher where loading the things into her car, she brought a box and said: - look at the jewellery! and we did, lot of pearls and goodies and I would like to share this cool bracelet: