Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Onion 5019 Wrap blouse OOP

I think everybody who watches House of Cards envy Claire Underwood  her wardrobe....I really like her white wrap blouse and wanted to make one for myself. after a lot of googling and going through Burda Magazines I decided to use this pattern, and then I saw that the blouse required far less yardage than my 2,5 meter piece of white shirting I decided to use this fabric from Stof2000 in Copenhagen ( Stof 2000 is a chain but I find the store at Norrebro to be the best)It´s a cotton and the colors goes well with the grey skirt and the cardigan that is yet to be finished.

If you look to the right of this picture you can see what the fabric looks like

 I did not do the pleats in the back and made my ties ca 150 cm long and tie them around me when I wear the blouse. I also did a different finish on the sleeves. I have a long torso so I added 2 cm above bustlevel and at the same time I lowered  the apex. This is something I do on all patterns and it´s a really fast fix.
I will be going to Rome for 2 weeks later this spring and one thing I will look for is a nice white shirting becourse I´m determent to redraw this pattern so I get a classic shirt sleeve with vent and cuff  and I will also make it slightly longer and sligtly wider ties.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Burda Sewing Handbook; The Skirt!

I´ve been talking about the Facebook group that I sew with and my plan for spring was this skirt that I "found" in my sewing room, the outer shell that is, and I could not figure out what pattern I´ve used until I woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly recalled it. It´s a lovely 100% wool that are the leftovers from another skirt I have made several years ago...This fabric has the nicest drape and I have no idea where I bought it...

It´s a pretty basic skirt with a contoured waistband, I made mine a little bit longer just by adding to the hemline and since I was out of fabric I used quilters cotton for the inner waistband and lined it with something green-greyish that I found in my stash, the lining looks better to the quilters cotton than to the wool...I really like this skirt ! It´s simple enough but is a little bit flowy at the hemline.

If you look in the book there are a lot of different variations of it and I will add it to my staple patterns for skirts.
The blouse was also a part of the plan for spring but I talk more about it later

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I almost made a jurk!

Knip mode is available in Sweden or at least the german edition called Fashion Style is. I like it! I like that all styles are up to plus size and are mostly shown on both kind of ladies. and if you sew for a man there is one pattern /Magazine for him too.
 This dress was a real Karin dress and I had the perfect fabric for it....I was visiting my cousin last fall and the local fabric shop was closing and selling fabric 50 % off if you bought what´s left on the bolt, I did!...I also bought like 8 meters of rayon lining in black, always good to have around the house...

I like any dress with an interesting neckline and not cut off at the waist. I knew I had to finish the dress before I went to Mexico becourse the colors is not really what I wear at home but the cut on this one is really nice and I can imagine sewing one in black or navy also .
I wore the dress a lot like here on the day I was traveling from Puerto Escondido to Acapulco. There was enough fabric for a little bolero using McCall  M6559 The pattern that are included with the really nice maxi tank dress that a lot of people have made really nice dresses from and of course I have a nice stripy fabric stocked for making one myself,...but not this week....
Excuse me for my strange face, having enchiladas mexican style and a cider