Monday, June 20, 2016

Alabama Chanin again

I really like my AC skirt and top and have thought for a long time to make a dress, this time my plan is to add some sparkle aka pearls. I find it quite easy to do the stencil using stencil plastic and using some quilters glue to attach it to the papers with the pattern printed on and a rotating knife to cut

I used two spraypaint fabric dye first one aqua and then a grey shimmering over that and the result is a glittery mermaid greenish blue pattern, the fabric is light blue, the same color as the local football team use...

and to tone it down I´m planning to use grey pearls and maybee some grey embroideryfloss as well as some light blue thread

Thursday, June 16, 2016

For the love of fabric

 I really love this fabric! It´s a cotton batiste from Italienska modetyger outside Gothenburg. I can´t resist a nice borderprint and I did a wonderful job if I may say so myself...and since it´s my blog I may! I also found the perfect red match for a detail, it was a silk blouse that I started so long ago so I don´t remember then, but everything failed at the end  due to the fabric was too stiff for the pattern of choise so I had to rethink and changed the plan for a dress to one for a skirt and a top and then there where suddenly nice weather...

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

No maxi for me

I live in the south of Sweden and as a swede I want sun more than Everything.. we have a saying that "the Swedish summer is wonderful, this year it was a tuesday...."
I measure summer with how much tan my legs get by showing the white parts where my sandals is...and I wear sandals as early as I can...I even wear them with socks just becourse I can!....There is no way I´ll be wearing a maxi and the wonderful Ilse Jacobsen maxi will be shortened... I don´t get the hiatus of maxis and summer!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Carolyn PJ

I liked the look of Carolyn PJ from Closet case patterns and it is really a nice pattern with a Classic manly look that I understand is actually really hot as a day look according to some magazines I´ve been reading lately.
I used quilters cotton from my stash and bought some bias binding for the top.
Do I like it? Yes and No!
No I don´t like to sleep in it , maybee course I´m used to sleeping in cotton jersey and I don´t like the blue color of the pants, I might toss them away or try to dye them in a darker shade and something I dont like about the pattern is that the seam allowances in the collar and neck area is to big, I prefer 1 cm here.
Yes, I like my shirt very  much and intend to wear it as a blouse and yes I like the pant as a pattern. It´s a very good pull on pant with pockets and elastic waist that I can see myself wearing in a both viscose, linen and cotton, I might even make a couple of shorts from it, and while I´m writing this I´m thinking of making a day PJ in a nice fabric to wear this summer...

Oh shit! That is a lausy picture, I really don´t know how to get a decent selfie, thought the pillow was cute (due to lack of teddie)

Thursday, June 02, 2016

MMMay 2016

It´s my first MMMay but not the last....
May can be kind of tricky weatherwise where I live, It can be cold so you want a warm jacket and it could be georgeous summerweather, this year was OK and with my Nice weekend I got use of some of my summerdresses too. Even thought I missed some of my RTW I found some old clothes that I have not whore for years and the most fun was the flowery skirt that I never whore but now felt that I actually like a lot...
Looking at other peoples closet was fun and I think about adding color even thought I really like neutals .
I wear denim skirts a lot´...and I must like peasant tops becourse I have a lot of those...all RTW and I have to do something to make my selfies look a LOT better....

My goal to not bye any RTW this entire year is still on and still going strong

...and now off to plant the plants I bought yesterday for my balcony....

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Fabric shopping in Nice

I spent last weekend in Nice and had a wunderful time, I ate too much and drank a lot of champagne and rosé, but I also walked a lot and went up and down 74 stairs to get to my airbnb room, perfectly situated in the old Town.
I looked and toutched a lot of nice clothes at Gallerie Lafayette and I also went to some cool vintage stores at looked at Chanel bags in a wide array of fabrics and sizes, all TDF ( I have an obsession for these bags...)
All my breakfasts looked like this!

And over to the fabric situation: I did a google search before I left and got adresses for stores that when I got there did not exist any more. I found two stores that existed , the first one is Toto

Toto is on 26 Rue de France and is an ordinary fabric store that has a little of everything but nothing special, they have a store on 14 av. Malausséna, I just passed this one but what I could see from the window it was more into drapes than fashion fabric.
When we have Wunderland Tissus.....on 6 rue doct Jacques Guidoni and it´s a little heaven of nice fabrics.....They have basic wool jersey, other jerseys and really georgeous couture fabrics

Both these stores are located very central and the last one is a really great store!!!