Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blouse delayed...

I used to sew all the time, really ALL the time, I probably spend as much time with fiber today but in some way that does not count.
A nice way about blogging is that I have documented all, or almost all of my projects so I can see that I have made some things and some nice things too, but still, since it´s been a while since I felt that I challenged myself and I getting more spare time with my new job I want to start sewing for "real" again so yesterday I cut a blouse from a really nice stripe, white with pink and tan in the pattern, After interfacing the plackets for the cuffs iron probably broke... so here I´m sitting all dressed up and no place to go...
I bought David Page Coffin´s book on shirt making earlier and I´m using it and are going to make flat felled seams and everything.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First home spun home knitted item

I´m making progress on my first homespun sweather this is the yarn 2 ply

I started knitting a KAL on Ravelry but all the installments where so chatty that I got tired reading them so I switched to EZ knitting without tears that usually all these kind of patterns are based at and recalculated it from the top. I think the percentage works really well and I´m planning to use it more in the near future.
Anyway to make the increases as a design feature I did yarn overs to get the holes

This is the sweather so far, need to spin some more ( and buy some more wool ) to be able to continue and eventually finish it.

For my birthday a friend gave me this:

Cute right? well I thought it was something more to it and I felt a button in the middle of the back and thought it would sound like a sheep if I pressed did not! Well maybee it´s a magnet so I can put it on my was not!
After 2 weeks I found out what it was:

Fast, fun skirt

I was at my local fabric-yarn store for a visit from Hedmankvist, a new yarn manufactor with interesting yarns that are mixed in most of their designs. I bought two skeins to try out but on my way out I saw this light teal-aqua crincled hemp and bough some, my first intension was to make a wide straight skirt with some kind of elastic fabric over the hips so I went to my not favourite fabricstore and found a piece that was almost the samt shade. But then I changed my mind.
I used Burda 2010/07/138 what is really a slightly flaired skirt with elastic waist and hem, made it shorter and made the hemp fabric wider. pulled it tigether to fit the lining, sewed them together and then moved the lining 1/4 to the side before attaching them at waistline.So now I have fabric for a matching top.
My plan is to enter the PR accessoires contest of september and making, bags, shawls and maybee a belt to turn it into 4 outfits. That´s a plan...

Sunday, September 05, 2010

It can happen to you too!

We have a local fleamarket here in Malmö during the warmer part of the year; every sunday on one of the squares people can rent a spot and sell whatever they don´t want any more, and other might find things they never thougt they would need. Today I spotted this:

How much do you want for the rock? I asked with a calm voice.
50 said the man ( that´s 5 euro!)
Can I look at it?
Do you have any more spools for it?
No, it´s just that, people usually want them to decorate their homes, I don´t know if it´s working
I know and it does. I take it!

Closeup on the flyer and orifice.
It needs an handyman or a couple of plugs and some oil

And now I´m going away to a sewing meeting arranged by a woman on a swedish sewingsite. It´s outside Klippan, so I´m gonna go early and visit the spinnery´s outlet

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Onion

I must admit that I have a small collection of Onion Patterns and they have some new out right now and I´m getting two
The first one is this coat:

and Stof and stil, my local fabric store chain has two fabrics that I like this season, one, a cotton kind of quilted beige will be excellent with this pattern. The other a fake fur will be useful as accent for this anorak:

and I might even get this "old" jacket pattern too:

and since I´m actually starting to see the table surfice of my sewing area right now, I might get sewing again soon. Looking forward to it!