Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Resumé 2011 and goals for 2012

Hmm my goals for 2011 was denim, lingerie and blouses and let´s face it;I blew it!!!
2011 will always be the pink year for me and due to the reduction finbding nice bras at good prices was easy so I might have spent a lot more than expected on buying lingerie. Denim....Let´s take it into next year...
blouses, I made one during the very nice sewing retreat organized by Åsa. I´ll take blouses with me for next year too!
I did a lot of sleeveless things though, due to medical stuff etc...bought a lot of cardigans too!

So the goals for 2012:
Focusing on a few key pieces
I want to make a Odd Molly look alike knitted blazer using my knittingmachine
A couple of nice dresses for summer
There is that sampler sweather from Rowan that I´ve saved to do for 20 years and I want to make it with handspun yarns on the knittingmachine
I would like some pieces that say "night", after work oriented that I could not wear to work, a little fancy stuff. I bought fabric for a blouse when visiting Annika and I will sew it next year.
You can´t have too many shawles!
More spinning
There is a Vivienne Westwood skirt that I like to make. I adore both her and her clothes!
I need a slip or two
Have fun!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prada style socks

I saw these socks from Prada´s fall fashion show earlier and thougt they where cool.

The first attemt top was not so good but the bottom rocks!

I have to weave in ends but don´t whey look great!?
They are knitted bottom up and then I reached the point there the braid would start I knitted the entire braid, then I picked up stitches at the sides and knitted the sock back and forward picking up stitches from the sides of the braid. On the curvy first sock I took one stitch/row but on the good ones ( there is two!) I knitted two of the picked up stitches together on every second row.I also added stitches mid back since my calves are quite wide
I used Drops Fabel and the braid is in Nepal

Friday, December 09, 2011

First machine knit item

In Seattle I went to Churchmouse yarn and tea out on Bainbridge Island. A very nice place both the shop and the island!
I was going to try out Annikas knittingmachine and wanted something easy to start with. I used one of the stores own patterns an a Berocco yarn with alpacka in a rusty shade I think 5 balls...

I knitted the bodypart on the machine and it went home I did the border using the Camomille shawl pattern by Amimono and finally did a little cowl and 2 rows of crochet for the lower edge

It´s really a nice way to knit a poncho and it can be made in many different yarns and textures...stripes...fair isle etc etc.
If you ever read a book called " Snow is falling on Cedar" It takes place on Bainbridge Island but a fictional one.
There was also a great coffeashop Blackbird café there I had my best carrotcake ever this far...and I have had quite a few....

PR weekend Europe 2012 Barcelona

I started a thread on PR about this as an event. go there and join the chat and please book your calenders