Sunday, October 07, 2018

Pink Ribbon 2018

The Pink Ribbon 2018 id designed by Bea Szenfeld and slightly different becourse it´s made from paper that is her prime media

Bea is born in Poland but lives in Stockholm and beside paper she is famous for refashioning, I first came in touch with her work when she appeared on "Fashion House" that she won, Fashion House was a pre- Project Runway there the contestents where from different countries in Europe.

This year I salubrate 7 years after cancer treatment and I urge you to not to put any hearts or colors of your underwear on FB but to actually donate Money to research!

I started a new job 2 weeks ago and are away during the weekdays for training and miss my sewing mashine a lot, but I spend my free time knitting a brioche shawl, I finally found out how to do the brioche stitch and I´m enjoying it so much. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Shear or Winter is coming

Winter is coming and something to keep my head cosy is needed. Brooklyn Tweed has in my opinions the best patterns and this one is no exeption, it´s knitted in Fine Tweed from Americo Yarns that I bought when I was in Toronto two years ago. 

And look how beautiful  the decreases are made!

and a side view on one of my summer hats

Tuesday, September 04, 2018


I bought this yarn from Geilsk a couple of years ago and knew I wanted to knit a cardigan, but the one I started had a lacy detail pattern that the tweedy yarn did not do justice to so I frogged and put it away and drooled over the yarn whenever I saw it, Then a couple of weeks ago I came over Stockbridge by Isolda Teague and it is basically a very straight knit cardigan, very simple but the body is knit in one piece bottom-up and the sleeves are picked up and knit top down with shaping done by short rows.
I´m currently workin on the looong rows of the body but the yarn is really nice to work with so it´s a treat and the texture of it is lovely.

I´m using two pieces of grey yarn instead of little fancy markers that are actually more fun to look at as you knit. I know I have a tartan wool fabric that I bought in Edinburgh a cople of years ago that matches and I also have a kilt pin with a purple stone to match it so maybee it´s time for my kilt this season.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Manolo Blahník at Bata Shoe Museum

I have to admit that I never heard of Manolo before Sex and the city but I understand that despite the heels they are comfortable, and he actually also do low heels even though Carrie would never wear those.
After PR weekend I spent a week in Toronto who happens to be one of my favourite cities and I visited  the Bata Shoe Museum . I´ve been there before so I skipped the historical exibit and went straight to the Manolos. The exibit will last until jan 6 2019 so you have plenty of time to go there.
There are plenty of shoes to drool over and some of them are combined with sketches or should I say paintings, real artwork, you can come real close up and study the details and pictures are allowed. So I´m just going to add some eye candy here:

Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Hot pink addition to my sock drawer, used the pattern Hopscotch from the book Think outside the sox, a book filled with 60 sock patterns with innovative design, these must be one of the basic one. If you are interested in knitting socks from hexagons, entrelac and a lot of other tecniques this is a great book. I don´t remember what yarn I used, I like to buy sock yarn as souvenirs and this one is actually a little more Hot than the picture will show

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Closet Case Pattern´s Kalle Shirtdress

Working with Closet Case Patterns is such a thrill! The patterns are well drafted and the Tutorials are always  well written and illustrated. 
I really love this dress, I made the longest version and added yet 5 cm and also did a little bust dart and for the next version I will make it a little bigger. I don´t remember what size I used but it was after my bust measurement and I could have gone down a size but on the other hand beeing very loose fitting is very nice this summer becourse we are having temperatures in the upper 20:ies to lower 30 since the beginning of may and this is something we are not used to but I´m enjoying every day of it

 I did the placket and what I like about it is that it is made exactly the same way I´ve been making sleeve vents for 30 years and its the best way to do them

This was the first time I used my whatchmacallit for cutting the button holes. I bought it at the leather store that´s on Spadina Avenue in Toronto.

The fabric is a rayon challis that I bought at Len´s Mill when I was in Canada for Pattern Review weekend, actually not as tricky to work with as rayons can be, the fabric had some holes in it but I was able to cut out the entire dress and still have some leftovers

The buttons are from a local store called Greger Sy and have an entire wall with buttons and a lot of other things like interfacing, thread, lace, bias tape and also sells sewing machines.

Close up on the back, the yoke is double using the burrito method.

And two more pictures of me wearing the dress.
The pictures with me wearing the dress is taken in my local fabric store run by Sara who is a friend of mine, she also sew and sell clothes  and I´m standing in the part of the store with ready made things. The store is called Den är min! That´s mine! and also do mail orders

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sew House Seven Tea dress

I´ve seen a lot of Sew House Seven´s Tea dresses lately both on the net and in my close sewing community  and bought a pattern when I was in Canada for vacation and PR weekend. I´m very fond of buying 3 meters of fabric and this one needs almost 4 but then I took a chance and used this what I think is Liberty Lawn fabric but not the flowery stuff...( I have one piece with swirls in more blues too) and I think I got away with 3 meters even though I omitted the ties where would have been enough for the too!
I prefer clothes that are not cut off at waistline but I had plans for adding the "watchmacallit" at the back to hold a tie but then I tried it on without  and when summer is like this year this is the way I like to dress.
I did som changes to the pattern like constucting the pockets differently and added a different direction piece of fabric at the top and made the top 4 cm longer and added 5 cm to the shorter version of the dress so it´s something in the middle now.
I´ve been wearing it a lot and have plans for at least one more in the very near future, I saw some pictures on Instagram when 2 fabric where used and I have some fabric in teal that are suitable and I will go with the ties this time.
I´m not so fond of the the way the sleeves end but I saw a nicer way on some better RTW the other day that I will use for my next dress