Friday, October 31, 2014

The pink ribbon 2014

First I did not blog becourse my computer was rotten then I bought this new one that I don´t really like so I kind of put it aside but now I´m back!
I usually show the pink ribbon of the year here and this year it looks like this:
 The pattern is designed by Camilla Thulin Camilla looks like this:
She is a very smart talented lady with her own collection of dresses, she do clothes for theater and movies and if you remember Army of Lovers....Camilla did the clothes!
She and her husband Johan Rabeus who is a wellknown swedish actor like sailing and keep their boat that I think is called Mozzarella (?) in Turkey and she has co written a cook and traveling book ( Of course I have it! ) She also have a blog , sorry it´s in Swedish....
The pattern for the pink ribbon is inspired by crochet.

Right now they are showing British sewing bee the Swedish edition, and no I´m not watching... boring boring boring, I gave up after one and a half episode... But on another channel they are showing a show about clothes and how they are made and how you should keep them ! I love this show and the presenter is ... Yes ! You probably guessed it...It´s Camilla and Musse ( the dog )
I suggest you google her name to find out more. The pictures above are from the pink ribbons official homepage and from Camilla Thulin´s official homepage

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Tiramisu times two

Surprice!!! This is what I look like wearing my Tiramisu at work, and thank you Frida who took the picture!
I bought both the pattern and the fabric at Austin Coop at the PR weekend. The pattern is from Cake and since I´m a Burda girl new to me, I made a trial version first and compared the top to my favourite Kwik sew pattern that I used a lot. I thought that the trial version had a too wide skirt but this fabric has a different weight and hangs beatifully, the wrap lies flat and I underlined the midriff (?) with powernet and added some elastic under the bust, added some centimeters for the hem and I really like the result, I would have liked it more if I had paid attention to the pattern of the fabric while cutting....
I really like Tiramisu and my Tiramisu is quite famous if I may say so myself and since it´s my blog...

Tiramisu the real thing serves about 4 people and should be made the day before or in the morning. Swedish eggs are free from salmonella and safe to eat raw

3,3/4 Tbs coffea liceur of espresso type, you can use Kahlua
0,6 dl of strong black coffea
12 savoiardi
250 g mascarpone ( in sweden it´s one box)
I large egg, divided in white and yolk
3 Tbs confecteners sugar

Mix 1,5 Tbs liceur with the coffea
put 6 savoiardi in a shallow dish and spoon over half of the liquid.
mix egg yolk, sugar and the rest of the liceur together, wisk the white until stiff and mix it with the mascarpone mixture, pour half of it over the savoiardi and add one more layer of savoiardi, spoon carefully rest of the spiked coffea over and finally last of the mascarpone mixture. Let stand in the fridge until you want to eat it and serve it with chopped dark chocolate over.

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Orleans and Austin

I´ve been on my annual trip ( as it seams to have become a tradition) to the US and the Patternreview weekend, this year in Austin!! If you have a chance you should really go to Austin, it´s not the most obvious choise of town to visit but so nice! Before Austin I spent 6 nights in New Orleans
 I visited plantations; here; Oak Alley
 I ate a lot of deepfried food, not so much veggies, drank really good local beer in Nola, had crayfish in for a swede very different way but really good! I attended Jazzfest!
and probably the most margeritas I´ve ever had in a week....I tried really hard to like breadpudding...I even tried grits!
 Listened to Daniel from Project Runway ( the other PR you know....) saw an allstar fashionshow
 and met this cute guy....or girl

I also bought fabric, wore my Alabama dress and my vintage alligator handbag...sorry cutie pie....

Fabrics? Of course!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Put a ring on it!

I was able to attend a workshop in making a ring of silver and I have to say it was a lot of fun! so much fun that I found a 4 day course the first week of my vacation and signed up
 This is my ring on top and under are some others too
I´ve been sewing and knitting some and even croched two my computer collapsed and I bought anew one today and there are som differences between my old and new one, I was able to import the photos from my I-phone but it took some time...Now it´s laundry , rest, dinner and nightshift at work, then I´ll try to load some sewingrelated photos

Monday, February 24, 2014

Vogue 1175 Donna Karan Dress

This pattern is OOP and I´m so glad I got one! I had it for some time and was intrieged by the weird cut.
I used a viscose fabric with velvety dots in some synthetics that where way to stiff for this dress but I made it to be used at a Gatsby party so I consider it a wearable muslin.
 It´s low cut in the front but even lower in the back. I did not wear a bra ( probably the first time since "mellanstadie" about age 12)
 Here you can se the beautiful cut in the back
 I had to raise the dress to fit me, as always and I did that by remowing fabric at the shoulders and simply made a pleat at the back to fit the front
 Deep plunge.......
I have to say I really love this dress, It´s comfy, fun, elegant and even have pockets. I find it hard to test the pattern without sewing a muslin, but I will wear this one again, the dress is lined and I used silk from a sari that´s been in my stash way too long

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Better late than never

It´s Burda 2008/09/134 and the fabric is from tha ugly fabric swap in Kiel, unknown fibers, quite shiny and I would say that it looks more purple than the pictures will show
 The jacket is completely interfaced by fusing tricot interfacings on every part of it, I did this probably 3 years the shell and left it....I think I lost the lining I bought for it.... There is pocket with plackets in the seams, hard to see on the pic
 A couple of weeks ago I decided to do something about it and found a new lining in stash that are quite heavy and I think it´s supposted to be lining in furs. I decided to do a hidden placket and used an old pattern from Neue Mode  for it
 This is absolutely my favourite hidden placket tecnique! No bulk! bagged the lining and used two articles in Threads for instructions
 Green buttons from the stash
The only thing that I don´t like about this jacket is that the sleeves are3/4, that´s due to lack of fabric and maybee it´s becourse I´m not used to it.... I plan to knit wristwarmers that match so I can wear it outside when it gets a little warmer

Monday, February 03, 2014

Alabama love

I´ve been kind of obsessed with Alabama Channing these days and my first attempt is this top,

I think it´s Burda 1/2005 and I´ve made it once before but this time handsewn Alabamastyle, It took 2 spools of buttonhole twist thread, mainly becourse I desided to do the decorative stitching also on the hems of the body and the sleeves
 I used the stencil in one of the books and created a large one using some kind of thick fusable interfacing, then I tried a rather thick paint that I used a sponge to apply, did not go well!!!!so I turned to the bottle with liquidy paint and sprayed on it using the airpump that it came with, the color of the paint is purple
 Then I started stitching using a darker blue thread, for the skirt I used a pattern from one of the books and the first gore is to the right, it´s already been cut and the second one to the left I´m stitching right now
It´s really fun and so liberating tying knots
The top is part of the Burda challenge for 2014 there you make one item from each month but since Burda in Sweden comes around mid month I´m doing januari in februari etc etc... Both items are part of a swap on a Swedish facebook Group where you sew 6 items/ season, and these are part of my spring wardrobe, that is quite summery due to I´m heading for New Orleans and Austin at the end of april/ beginning of may.