Monday, May 16, 2016

MMMay Onion 2031

I love this dress and this fabric! One of my favourite designers are Nygårdsanna, She does classic things inspired by historical pieces and uses only natural fibers, always a Libertyprint, her linen is TDF ( to die for)  and her designstudio is in Linköping and twice a year she has a clearance sale there when she sells fabric too, and I fell in love with this pattern when she made her collection of it so last time when I was at the sell out I grabbed what was left of it, I still has a piece and I don´t know if I want to make a top or a skirt from it or just pet it ( that´s normal?! right!?) It´s a cotton sateen with some stretch and the colors and pattern are lovely!!!!

 The pattern I used is this  and it´s the third time I used it , I omitted the split in front and added pockets the Nygårdsanna way;big so you can put your hand into it! I´m very pleased with the way the flowers ended up, not on any "focal points" I think the neckline is just the right size and the elastic on the sleeves is such a nice detail. The sleeve is kind of strange just under the elbow but I´m very fond of them.

Onion is a danish company and I buy them when I go to Copenhagen. That´s just 40 minutes by train and I go not as often as I used to, have to do something about that....If you live not so close to Denmark there are some dealers who has a webshop. I´m a huge fan of their patterns!!!

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