Sunday, May 08, 2016

MMMay continues

Left in my hallway with my knitted Siri cardigan and to the right I found a skirt I sewed a couple of years ago and never used due to I´ve considered myself not beeing so colorful. The top is a bought top never used either and both garments are really strays since this is the only match they have. After wearing the outfit for two days I have to say that I like it and my plans for a summer closet is to add things to it. And I think I´ll start with a white jacket, first I was thinking Jeans but Now I´m leaning more towards a bomberjacket...
The flowery skirt is an old sligtly A-line skirt from an ooold plus size issue and probably the garment I spent most time on sewing and used silk organza for stabilizing the yoke, the zipper is really well done and the skirt is lined with rayon lining, the outer fabric is a cotton sateen bought locally in a store that no longer exists. The photo is taken in my dads bathroom and as you can see that light is much better there.
We have had a really nice and sunny weekend, visits from relatives and good food

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