Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I sew with a plan!

My drawing skills are minimal but I found Gertie´s sketchbook and it helps me a lot. The background kroki sketches are like shadows and they are normal in height and have 3 different sizes.
We have a Facebook group in Sweden there we make 4 plans with 6 items (more or less) we precent our plans on our page and then the result, in between we chat alot and we actually meet to sew for 4 days(and nights) in a row.
The picture above is my plan for spring and below are the fabric and yarn to the left and to the right the ready items - the skirt

The flowery fabric is a silk I bought in Italy a long time ago, a nice silk that I did not like on me so I never finished it.
I had plans using a Seamwork pattern called Onaka but ended up using an old favourite from Burda that I have made more skirts than I can remember from

I think the magazine is from 2002 and when I saw the new pattern; Selene from Colette I decided that I would never buy it but I´m hoping for a lot of inspiration from people who do.
This time I made a fake wrap skirt by making two frontpieces and letting them open up. The fabric for the skirt is from Joann´s , bought it in Seattle almost five years ago, I like it! It´s shiny and has a little stretch.
The blue and green leafy jersey is from a fabric shop in Gothenburg, I bought 2,5 or 3 meters and that was enought for a dress and a topp, used the same pattern Onion 2047, a knit dress with some gathering on top of the sleeves and split center back. A favourite of mine!

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