Friday, May 13, 2016

Gerda Wegener

A while ago my dad told me about this fab danish artist that he never heard of before and whos work
Arken, a danish artmuseum outside Copenhagen was having an exibit, He also told me that her husband was a transvestite and she painted him as his alter ego; Lily. 
So one day that I was not working I took my car and drove over the bridge ( as in The Bridge) and at the museum I realised that her husband was "The danish girl" .
The exibit shows different types of her work as fashiondrawings, erotic illustrations as well as portraits, not only of Einar/Lily. There are some painting by Einar too and there are motivs that both Einar and Gerda painted, but in different ways.
The exibit also told the story of Gerda´s life, and it differs a little from the movie ( that I loved also!)
If you google Gerda Wegener you get a lot of pictures, some from the movie but also a lot of her work
I picked a few to show here:

At the end of the movie there´s a textline that says something like "Gerda continued to do paintings of Lily" She might have done that, but she also remarried, moved to Marrakech and did some wonderful paintings there too! No danish museum bought any of her work so I´m thrilled that this exibit has been a success!! I´m going to go back and see it once more and since they have decided to prolong the time it´s showing until januari 7 2017, there´s plenty of time!
And I recommend that you do too!
The museum shop had some books on 1920 fashion, drawingbooks as well as 2 posters( I think) but not of her magazine covers and fashion drawings...

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