Sunday, May 01, 2016

MMMay Ottobre dress

I started my first Me Made May by wearing one of my favourite dresses, It´s from the latest Ottobre and is really a simple dress that I added my own pockets to, The pockets have been admired by a lot of people, even my dad commented on them....

You can hardly see the dress...but I´m also wearing a shawl I knitted as well as a bra and panties

These dresses are from the latest Ottobre, a magazine I buy every adult issue of but don´t sew that much from . It´s a pity becourse the models are really the everyday clothes that I tend to wear.

The fabric is a double weave cotton that looks like some kind of superexpensive japanese denimy fabric but is really a coupon from Gentlemen of tissu in Paris, I had 3 meters and gave the leftovers away to become a skirt for a friend. I finished the neckline with a bias  that I sewed to the back with the machine and then cut clean, I did not want to turn the ends in due to thickness of the fabric. This is a dress that work all year around and I think the fabric wont show wear so I can enjoy it for years to come.

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