Tuesday, May 03, 2016

MMMay Karen and Karin

May second is Karen Day and another picture from work and yes it´s dark outside due to shift I´m going to talk about the papers on the wall at the end of this post.

The fabric used is the second from bottom and it was bought at a sewing machine/fabric/notionstore in Copenhagen called City Sy Center, It´s on Amager Brogade so it´s not really very central but there´s a metrostation close by. It´s a cotton/elastan fabric and was a bit pricy compared to other fabrica I bought. The reason why I was there was Maria och Signe´s releaseparty for the book they have written about sewing skirts. ( more on that later).
Anyway Maria gave me the Karen pattern ( I also met the real Karen at the party...) and I planned to wear it at the PR meetup in London a couple of weeks later, but there was no time between shopping and party to switch clothes so the dress made it to afternoon tea at the Orangerie at Kensington Palace
Karen is a really nice pattern that is fast and sew and give something extra to a basic knit dress. It only needs 2 meters of fabric and I have bought fabric for one more dress, I just need to pick up my scissors that have been sent away to be sharpened.

 and we had it all including the Champagne. superdelisious in a supernice place on an coldish springday

The book looks like this and I will talk about it later
About those papers on the wall. each year about dec 7 we have to apply for when we want to have our vacation the next year, I have 34 days I can use and if I don´t apply now there are a little chance that I will get of on my dates, the problem with this is that it´s pure luck if I can attend a wedding och birthday party that I was not aware of at this early point and that is why I can´t attend PR weekend in Chicago that I so was looking forward to....

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