Friday, August 28, 2009

The Myrtle

I started on my next Bohus that I will knit from scratch, even the yoke. I´m doing the Myrtle that is a quite new kit in green shades and are based on The egg. The designs is growing row by row and millimeter by millimeter and is absolutely stunning. The photo does not do the colors justice! ( that sentence works in swedish...)
Bohus patterns are different from other stranded work not only by the purl stitches but the patterns are not in "wedges" and would look very strange if using different colors on the yarn instead of the shades that where used. The yarn is a delight to knit and the purl stitches makes it easier for me to get the right tension and hold the loose treads at the right lenght, maybee becourse I have to knit slower. I loose track of time knitting this!

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KayB said...

Oh wow... I admire your patience and it looks great so far.