Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paris fabric shopping

No! I did not buy this, it´s the ugly fabric from the swap

This is also a ugly fabric that did not make it to the swap, gift from Annika

This one I love! It´s silk that I plan to use for a dress/tunic style. It has little purple accents in it that I don´t think the photo really shows

Jersey i meter in a square with border, a sleeveless top for summer

Cotton with both structure and print, a little retro, dress for summer or jacket and skirt

This is totally black good wool. i decided I was old enought for the basic black skirt. This will be enought for two

Cotton with structure and a little Odd Molly style of print, for a blouse

Cotton with a little elastan for a skirt dress. The almost dots are almost pink and has a retro feel to it!

I´m pleased...

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