Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gudrun Sjöden

Gudrun Sjöden is a swedish designer that has a very personal style. She´s inspired by traditional clothing and textiles and this year the winter collection is TDF!
There are some blouses with embroidery on the arms that I´m gonna try to copy and some linen dresses not to speak of the cardigans. If you´re not into folkloric clothes she has a basic collection with good quality knitwear in very special colors.
I have some pieces from her that I like to use in a more toned down style and also some basics like black t-shirt. Go to her homepage and take a look!

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Annika said...

Oh I have a sweater/shawl of hers. Vibeke made me buy it (you can blame her!) when I visited Oslo (Yes, GS has a store in Oslo, too). I love the intricacy of the flowery patterns.