Monday, July 27, 2009

Sami bracelets

I really love all things handmade and if I don´t love it I can always appretiate the workmanship and the historical aspect of it.
In the north of Sweden lives the Sami people. They have their own language, their own traditional songs; the "jojk" and they still raise reindeers even though some of them are teachers, doctors and lawers. One of their traditional "crafty skill" is the making of pewter tread embroidery. Wired pewter tread are braided and sewed onto reindeerskin and made into bracelets, bags and a lot of other things. Of course I had to try this so I bought a kit a couple of years ago and made this bracelet. The button is from the horn of the reindeer.
The other day I found an add in english Elle about a company that sells clogs and sami bracelet, not only in traditional natural and black leather but pink, green etc so when in Copenhagen today I passed a store that sells leather as I had so many times before...but today I entered! I found a piece of pink suede that I will make me one more bracelet of, this time in pink! I also found the largest collection I have ever seen on studs, cabinhooks ( I bought one in shape of a heart )and buckets for belts, wristlets in whatever size and shape you could imagine