Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ekorundan or you can eat them too!

This weekend has been the weekend of "Ekorundan" That means that some organic farms have "open houses" and that you can ride between them in cars ( not so good for the climat...) Eko stands for ekological that means organic.
It´s the third year that it´s been arranged and I have done it all three years with a friend. We have bought a lot of veggies, drank a lot of coffea and had some really good cakes. This year we ended up at a sheepfarm that I don´t recall the name of but the woolshops name was "Sjöhästen" ;seahourse.

They had three kinds of sheeps, The gotlandic from the island outside Sweden. The Leicester and an endangered called "Åsen"

The gotlandic sheep is grey and when it becames a furcoat it´s called Viking lamb and is also quite popular in decorating

This is dyed wool to be spun into yarn

You could also buy natural skins

I bought a natural white skein of Leicester/Åsen and a singular thread gotlandic thera half of it was dyed in black
To be saved for a yammy project....
and yes they sell meat too!


Annika said...

Too cool about the gotland sheep! I am still looking for some spelsau wool - I think it is also known as Icelandic. So what will you knit with the yarn you bought?

karin said...

It´s only 100 grams each so it will probably be fingerless mitts or something simular.
A while ago someone made a comment on this blog and then following the name I ended up on a blog about shetlandic sheep and it was so interesting reading about them, different colors etc. I knew about shetlandic yarns before but I never thought it was more to it than some sheeps lived on the shetlandic island...