Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday split

Since I´m out of yarn for promenade I turned to my Aberlady ( Alice Starmore ) My Aberlady is more of a regular sweather not as short and tight as the original and I´m making her out of a eco cotton yarn. This is a lovely yarn made up from 4 thin treads but since I´m not a thick- knittingneedles- chick much to thick for me so I decided to split the yarn... It takes 1 hour to split 50 grammes so that´s the hardest part of knitting this sweather. Even though the pattern looks complicated; it has logic, as long as I use markers. I made my own using a salvage venizian glass necklace and some seed beeds. the picture will be posted tomorrow since it´s at a computer at work. I tried to take a photo of the markers too but it became to blurry.
I´ve also kitted a couple of rounds on a burgundy sock but I feel that the yarn is too boring, but it´s the second sock so I might give it a try tonight.

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