Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday morning

Spent the morning knitting while having breakfast. I´m almost done with the first "wing" on my "Promenade" but ran out of yarn when there´s 4 rows left, so now I´m back where I was monday...
After that I did some tests on HF does the combos of garther stitch and slip stitches to make her mosaic pattern. I´t was quite easy since you only knit with one tread and since I never was a good fair isle knitter I think this might be something for me.
I got a lot of books to read/ look in this weekend. I bought The happy hooker ( I love the title too!) and then I borrowed Knitting over the edge, Knitting Out of Africa ( not sure of the english title but it´s by Marianne Isager) and Folk bags from the library. I already have Modular Knits and Scarf style at home.

And we finally got nice wheather!

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