Saturday, May 13, 2006

Instant summer

I´ve been complaining over the weather before but it seemed that we skipped spring!
I got the yarn I ordered for my promenade yesterday and have finished the thirst " wing" and is on to the second. I knit inside and at night, wool and this weather don´t go hand in hand.
I´ve been knitting almost an entire sock from the toe up and frogging it. I liked to knit that way but my high vaults ( not sure of that word ) needs my regular heel so now I´m working the sock the ordinary way.
I´ve done other things too; thursday night I went curling. It´s so much fun but kind of strange packing winterclothes in the bag. Last time was a month ago, when I fell and hit the ice so bad that a lost my smelling sence completely for 2 1/2 weeks but now it´s coming back, monday I felt the smell of the soap and yesterday the toothpaste. I´m waiting on beeing able to drink wine again, especially since our knitting café´s are moving to un outdoor pub soon.

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