Saturday, December 07, 2013

Addicted to Craftsy

I bought two new classes on Black Friday sale. The lowest prices I´ve ever seen part from the zipper class...
The new one´s are Lynda Maynard about edges ( I will never sew a facing agin!) and Kenneth D King´s Jeanious.
I took a serger class two weeks ago with some friends and no wonder I had problem with my serger since I didn´t tread it correctly and had wrong settings and you name it! After class when I was about to start sewing on my own machine the stitch lenght and the dif. feeder was stuck! totally stuck! A trip to the "doctor" and some money later it´s now working. I have to work on my serging skills and my jersey sewing in general and I started on a t-shirt from an old Burda with a V-neck and used Lyndas method. This trick was worth the price of the class!!!
I also "found" a dress and a Sandra Betzina top already cut ...I think I did that 2 years ago...
the good thing is that I don´t have to work until Wedensday so I´m going to spend some qualitytime for the next three days.

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