Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP burda dress on the bias

I´m currently working on this Burda dress from the Plus issue as well as from "original" Burda from last summer maybee...

A nice neckline Always get me going and this is no exeption, might use some extra steam to fix the last gathering on the left side. The fabric is a charcole rayon from Stoff and Stil bought 5 meters since rayons are hard to find in nice colors ( also had a brownish colorway, also 5 meters in stash) good since there was something wrong in the weft so I have to use more yardage than planned.
 Even thought sleeveless is a nice option I really like nice sleeves too, this dress had two options and this little  elastic garthered version was my choise, didn´t have any black elastic at home so I went for grey
I used some Guterman iron-on stabilizing tape that I added befor taking the pattern off from the fabric I stabilized the neckline minus the garthering part, the skoulder seams and the armcycles. Important when sewing bias garment. It´s also important that it can hang so the bias streaches properly and it´s been hanging for a week now so I´ll be finishing it up this weekend.
The dress from the Plus issue is a petite option but I made the bodice part longer as I always do and since there´s no waistline to be conserned about,  it´ll probably be fine. I have a long bodice for "normal" sizes too and would like to try some more of the petits to see how they differ from a "normal" size, a normal tweek would also be to shorten the pattern in the armhole section, something that might be done in petits or at least should bee.
This is a nice dress for me that will keep me cool without letting those near me freeze...

Last week I took a serger class at a great local sewing mashine/ notion store that we have in Malmö called Gregers Sy. I wish I had done that before, no wonder my serger was not working as it should since some of the setting was totally off, I´ve not been sewing on it for two years when I had the knife sharpened... Now I discovered that I can´t move the differential feeding so next week I will have her maintained.

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