Saturday, December 21, 2013

It´s the inside that counts

You can never have too much shoes or too much bags! Right? And the fun part is that no matter how many bags you have there´s always a suitable bag that´s missing...Before my trip to Ireland I realised that I needed a bag that would be large enough for ordinary stuff and would also have room for my camera and since my beloved Ness bag is to winterly I decided to sew one. The hardest part with this bag was to find the closures and I still havn´t bought the feets for it...
I used Burda style sewing books bag pattern as a guide and did some changes to suit me. The flap/opening could have been slightly longer but apart from that I like it! I used denim from Stof och stil for the outer layer and quilters cottons from stash for the lining
 I like doing linings for bags becourse you can custumize them, here I did a variation of pockets, the zip pocket is sized after my passport and the hook is a idea that I stole from my Ness bag

 I might as well show you my thimblecollection as it´s visable in the background, it´s a combo of silver, plastic, china and advertising thimbles. The chimney sweeper has it´s own story. My maternal granpa was chimney sweeper as well as most of his brothers and also my oncle. My oncle collects chimney sweeping things and when he saw my collection he decided that I should have this one, you can even flip his hat

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