Sunday, December 22, 2013

Endangered sheep mittens

I think I knitted these mittens 2 years ago, but when it comes to knitting it´s such a thing called weaving in the ends...and I did that two weeks ago....
There are two interesting things with these mittens, the first one is the wool that´s from an old swedish sheep called "Värmlandsfår" Värmland is like a county in the middle of Sweden close to Norway and the colors are natural, as I can recall it there was one more color.
The second interesting thing about them are that they are knitted spiralvise using 4 threads.
I started by knitting an I-cord and then picking up stitches from it, but now I learned a much better way to do it as I´m knitting Fiddleheads mittens ( Ravelry)
The inspiration was a red and grey striped mitt by Filippa K some years ago but I think mines are nicer thanks to the spirals

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