Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new 2014

I´m sitting here with Roger and writing post number 500 ( That´s Pol Roger...I know what you where thinking....;-) )
This time of the year I usually share some goals and look back at the goals from last year. I went through the blog the other day and saw that there where more knitting than sewing and unfortunately that´s a sign that I spent to much time waiting for doctors appointment.
2013 will always be remembered as the year my mother passed away.
My mother can take credit for a lot of my crafty and sewing life, not by  passing on her knowledge...she really hated to sew and as I can recollect she knitted 2 sweathers in her lifetime. I think someone, or maybee the era told her that she was supposed to do that. She also took a sewing class when I was little and I can remember a skirt and lined jacket she made me when I must have been 7 years old, I can remember playing with the lining on the right arm that must have been slightly too long and I can also remember going to her sewing class to get fitted.
My mother did not show me how to sew, she said: - You can play with the machine as much as you want...and I did and tought myself through false and error, I wish I would have known about the internet back then...
My mother was a fenomenal cook and the last two years, after her stroke she passed on a lot of knowledge to my dad who easily whip up a majonnaise from scratch or a hollandaise to go with his fish,

Goals for 2014 is as always denim but one thing has changed, I always been intimidated by the distressing part, but after beeing to a lecture on back store sewing jeans that you are supposed to break in yourself, I think that´s the way to go for me. I found some pictures of for me a classic jeans skirt. Do you remember the front buttoned Lee skirt with the zig zag stitching? That´s what I´ll be making this year!

2013 was the year I fell in love with Liberty´s cottons.
I visited London twice, first time with my niece and second time with Maria and Vibeke for the PR gettogether. I also visited Ireland and Edinburgh and got some really nice wool pieces for future projects.
San Fransisco, loved everything about it and looking forward to Austin next year and the long time dream of mine; New Orleans!
I´m looking forward spending time in my sewingroom that I rent in the basement of my building as well as some more yarn stories, My local group has a KAL to finish twelve things next year and twelve unfinished things was not hard to find....

Me and Roger wish you a Happy New Year!

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