Friday, November 22, 2013

Royal dresses at Katrinetorp

Katrinetorp belongs to the city of Malmö and was a old country house for a wealthy family once but today it´s a really nice café and restaurant that I like to visit, there´s a big garden or gardens, one is a vegetable garden, one an "English garden" and one more formal, maybe french. There are also an antique shop and a shop with en exibitionhall and until sunday they are showing evening clothes of Marianne Bernadotte. She´s a duchesse and aunt of the king. She was married to Sigvard who is known as the "design prins" . I was not allowed to take pictures but a fast google search found this pics that I show here.
The show was great becourse you can really come close to the clothes and look at fabrics, cuts and other details. Most of the dresses where by Balmain
Marianne Bernadotte is a very stylish lady and google her name to see great clothes!
This picture is not the best but it´s the only one I could find on here wearing this dress that was one of my favourites. It´s blue lace and silksatin(?) and parts of the lace is embroidered with sequens and the contrast between the embroidered parts and the plain is fantastic! so is the bust area with pleats...

 This is also one of my favourite, it´s silk organza and the sleeves appliqued raw edge cirkels are so great and they have also used the pattern of the fabric to sew an extra seam to form the bust part.

A real feast for the Eyes or at least mine... Know that this exibition where in Linköping Before but I don´t know if it will travel further. Hopefully it will


Anonymous said...

Hej Karin! Jag har inte sett ditt blogg tidigare,men det var verkligen kul att det finns åtminstone nån så här i närheten som läser samma blogg och tidningar som jag. Då inställer sig frågan var köper du dina tyger och sybehör? På nätet eller känner du till ställen i närheten av Malmö?på återläsande Karina

karin said...

Hej Karina!
Jag handlar mest när jag reser.
Min pappa bor i Degeberga så Gittes i Rinkaby är min favorit i Sverige!
I Malmö är jag väldigt glad för Gregers Sy. Handlar enstaka saker på Stoff och Stil, eftersom det är det som är tillgängligt... Om man åker dit ofta och kollar stuvbordet så kan man hitta bra grejor. I Köpenhamn Stof2000 vid Nörreport station och Handler nära Magazine. Jag har inte hittat någon bra ersättning för Elingeria...