Monday, November 25, 2013

Frida Kahlo at Arken

My dad and I went over the bridge ( the famous one from the TV show) to Arken outside Copenhagen where whey are showing a Frida Kahlo exibition until january 12 next year;  based on her self portaits. There where a lot of other things showing too, ( also some of Diego´s stuff) like pictures from her childhood, also private movies  and some of her dresses.

I didn´t know a lot about her before and I have not seen the movie, she was more beautiful than her paintings and quite a media star.

 These dresses are really not to my liking, maybee it´s a cultural thing but I can like color combinations and if I lived in a warmer country I might dress up similar

I think I actually cought my dad in this least it looks like him...

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