Monday, July 01, 2013

Lemon juice, Ottobre spring/summer 2013

I guess it´s not totally clear why this top is called Lemon Juice? It was yellow in the magazine...
I really wanted to do it in a very nice vintage blue rayon but wanted to try it out before in another fabric, this fabric is from the remnant table at Stof and Stil and has borders in both edges, I used them for cutting the sleeves.
I really love this top, it lookes weird on the hanger but when you wear it there are a nice assymetric cut to it due to one side seam is flat and the other a kind of waterfall.

Close upp on neckline. I was planning to use my serger but didn´t find the cord...It´s so much easier to get the neckline even cutting it with a serger

 A pic from the cut out, you can se the borders on both side of the fabric here, it´s on fold on the right angle and on the left angle is the hem
 I used framilon/ clear elastic for the ruching, ruching is onother reason why I would have prefered to use a serger, it gets a little uneven
 I´m wearing this top today with a black jersey skirt from one of our chain stores in Sweden; Lindex, think a little more mature than H&M and they have a plus section that might not be brilliant but much better than H&M, but let´s face it; everything is ...
The reason for showing this pic is that it´s quite simple and brilliant in the constructon. The entire skirt is double at the hem, has one seam in the back and is turned with an elastic attached at the wrong side, you can see how the outer layer of fabric rolls over the upper edge and then the elastic is stitched through both layer to hold it in place, NO HEM! talk about fast project...and adaptable to other knits!


Mary Beth said...

Your comments about H&M are interesting. I've never been in one but a store is going to open in Nashville and it was in all the newspapers! LOL

Your fabric choice for this top is wonderful! I like the pattern and bias cut, too. So many tunic or long tops I've made stick out at the upper thigh, this pattern fixes that!

karin said...

H&M vas actually early on plus size fashion under the label BIB; "Big is beautiful", but I think the designer who did it quit and for years people talked about it as "Big is boring"

Lucas Moore said...

I was also shock with the name. Why this top is called Lemon Juice??? Your fabric choice for this top is wonderful! I like the pattern.

Tahitian Noni Juice

Sue McArthur Photography said...

very nice, thank you for sharing