Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bubbelless bubbeldress

I challenged myself to making one nice dress for my birthday and one for christmas, My birthday was a couple of days ago but I´m going out with a friend to salubrate tonight so in my world I made it!
 The fabric is an eyelet cotton and a cotton voile for underlining, both from Stone Mountain in Berkely. I used the voile for the interfacing to get minimum bulk. The eyelet is a little uneven blue at some parts but I think it´s becource I left it in the laundry mashine and one of my neigbours foung it when it was there turn so it dried all mashed up and was kind of wrinkly when I found it. The entire dress feels like it has structure and I really like it. I used the same pattern as this one but did some modification and I like the finished dress very much.
 I´ve started to use blue clothes again and this will be a summer favourite this year.
Summer has finally arrived here and the cat likes the balcony a lot

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Mary Beth said...

I'll bet it is flattering on you with the modifications you've made