Sunday, July 07, 2013

Lace addiction

I like everything about lace shawls, I love shopping for yarn, knitting, wearing, giving them away and I actually love to watch how they transform during blocking. I always bring a lace knit when I´m travelling since it´s lightweight and last a long time. This shawl is called "Lotus" and is knitted in a yarn I bought in Edinburgh and I knitted on it in San Fransisco. It´s dyed by a local dyer and that´s how I prefer to shop. I have two more shawls to block, one of them was finished yesterday and I already has a new one on the needles; a variation on a Haruni only using the last border.

The great thing about these shawls are that you can wear them two ways; over your shoulder for a light warmth or around the neck as a scarf. So you really need one in each color...

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Sigrid said...

I should learn this. Beautiful