Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grey dress Onion melange

The dress is finished, only missing my label
 Here´s a close up on front detail and sleeve and you can also see how beautiful the fabric is. I already feel that this is a dress I will wear a lot
 I got the sewing bee book today and the other book I bought a couple of months ago. What I don´t like about these books is that you have to tape a lot of papers together pdf patterns are not a favourite of mine...the sewingbee gives you the option of enlarge with help from a grid,... like even less... There´s one pattern for a sleeveless tunic thats fullscale in the sewing bee book and the sizes are 8- 16 the other book is interesting becourse you make the pattern with your own measurement
I thnk the sewingbee book reflects the joy I find watching the show, there are step by step instructions for a lot of clothes and home dec. including Tillys blouse ( finished edition) and my favourite; Stuarts dress ( love that fabric!)

I also finished the hem on Paco´s half circle skirt..... I fused it.... It´s a knit and that´s how I prefer to hem those items....and I´m not a skilled sewer then it comes to knits.

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