Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Paco Peralta top and skirt

Two weeks from now I´ll be in San Fransisco, doing sightseeing and attending the PR weekend and shopping of course...
I will probably be the person with most RTW but I figured out that it was time for me to finish my Paco Peralta skirt and then I realised that I never blogged about the matching top that I´ve used a lot and I didn´t even blog about The PR weekend we had in Barcelona...
Here is a picture of Vibeke, Paco, me (and a sample of my postcancer curly hair ) Maria ( Mariadenmark )and Åsa. The picture is taken by a friend of Paco´s ; Cristina who joined us, and stolen from Paco´s FB page.

Paco gave us patterns for the draped top and the semicircle skirt and I did the top shortly after but the skirt was left behind. I´ve used the top a lot this winter and it´s so smart with the insertion of the draped part. I used a knit so I did straight grain. The top is elegant, dressed and easy to wear and sew!

The semicircled skirt is not just a half circle, it´s much smarter than that! Today I decided to do an elasticised waist and the tecnique is something aI learned from Threads a long time ago and I learned from Sandra Betzina then deciding of the lenght of the elastic you should measure your waist and reduse that measurement by 4 inches. It´s important that you use your true measurement not the one you want to have or the one you´ll had at 19. I don´t know if these pictures helps you but you attach the elastic to the fabric and then turn it and it´s really very easy, much easier than doing a casing

I´ll need some help with the hem and then it´s ready!
Paco´s patterns are hand drawn in three sizes and are exeelent drafted. Paco said that you might not like his style of clothing but every patternpiece fits correctly!
The elastic is a non fold elasic that are "boned" but totally sewable, I bought it in Seattle and I think that it is easy to find in the states I think I bought it at Joann´s.
If you are interested in Pacos pattern here`s a link to his etsy shop!

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Kimberly said...

I needed to hear that about the elastic. It explains why all my elastic waists have to keep being taken in over and over. Thanks.