Monday, April 15, 2013

Onion 7063

I decided I wanted to sew a dress for SFO and looked through some options
Onion 5040 I´ve done it before but I´m not sure I blogged about it, I used a crinkly cotton-po light blue fabric and never really liked the sleeves, but I like the boho style of the body. I started with covering the lower part of the sleeve with my thumb and it looked so much better

Then it was this dress that I made the other year and then I thought about using the sleeves, the short puffy ones and that´s what I did. There was  a minor difference in size

I used a rayon from Stof och Stil and rayon lining. I decided to go with the rayon instead of the cotton voile becource this fabric is heavy and will work all year around exept for a hot summer day and I just have to make myself  another dress where cotton voile is a better choice, I might even do the 2023 with a simular fabric as the first flowery dress that I loved to wear...
It lookes like my visions for a sewing room are coming closer. A couple of months ago I wrote to the board of my appartment building and asked if they had any rooms in the basement that I could rent and yesterday I got a call that there´s a big room free from may 1:st : We don´t know yet if there are any outlets and the best part is that it´s a big room and its in my building

Ok now I have to set in the sleeves.....

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