Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buttons wanted

I finished everything but the buttonholes and the buttons yesterday. Will take a walk later to get some.
The shirt ( there will be pictures later) is a mens skirt style and quite roomy. I will probably wear it over a dress or skirt and top. I´m really proud of my sewing that I put into this one. I used David Page Coffins book as referens and the Burda plus pattern from the spring-summer issue with the bib. I omittet the bib and did a FBA that turned out to be to small so I kind of draped it on me and pinched the new dart that I later ripped and made shorter.
Everything is made properly on this shirt, the yoke is turned, the seams are flatfelled and the collar is made using DPC´s method of sewing the collar band to the skirt and adding the collar last so the last seam will be on the "underside" of the collar, not as I did before the wrong side of the collar band to the body.
I joined Powersewing this weekend and in one of the lessons they show a cool way to do the collar that I think is better so now I´ll have to do a new shirt...
I finished a jeans skirt the other week, same as the beige one in the review gadget but it much to big so yesterday I traced a new skirt pattern and are going down to the basement to cut it out now.

And I did the macig touch on the iron...I turned it of, let it cool and yurned it on again and voila!

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