Sunday, October 17, 2010

Computer crash

My computer crashed and when getting the bag to put it in for trip to doctor aka brother I found my old computer and it´s very low on memeory and keep remainding me of that every 10 minutes or so. It´s also very laod, you can actually hear it work and I think watching episodes of Power sewing is out of the question so when I´m not sewing, knittin, spinning I browse old issues of Threads and are finding old memories an real treasures.
I made myself one more blouse, almost done, using a Patrones pattern that I had to change due to lack of fabric, some ruffles hade to go and since I´m really entusiastic about piping I added some piping as a contrast but now I´m having second thoughts if it makes it looks like a pyjama...
I also have a skirt cut out, a lovely striped cotton in purple with pink and some other colors in the stripes and some texture too, really a favourite, bought in Paris.
Now I planned to line it and I wanted a pink lining and that´s no problem...the problem is that I want a rayon/ viscose lining. I really wish there where a store in my town with a large selection of this type of fabric. So I´ll probably not line it.
I talked about my love for Odd Molly before and they have some really nice details in collection that are not the first thing you see due to all the colors and stuff, I´ve seed underskirts that are buttoned to the side of the outer skirt and also can be worn seperate and that´s my intension. Is underskirt a proper word or should it be slip??


Tini said...

argh, computer crashes suck! I'm lucky, that we have 2 computers around here but now, that the twins are here, I really need my laptop ;)

karin said...

What did we do before internet????