Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More fabrics and yarns

I´m good at shopping! The beige fabrik is 100% silk costs reg 600 crowns/ meter 70 euro maybee? I´m not sure. I payed 100 crowns and got 30 cm extra!!
The flowery fabric costed 50 crowns/ meter and I got 3 meters. It´s not really my kind of fabric but due to the greens in it I can wear it. I also bought yarn for a scarf ( You can never get enought of them ) The wiskers belongs to my cat.
I borowed a danish knittingbook called vintage knits or something like that and there was a beautiful scarf with a edge in crochet in lurex...I also have a jacket (almost finished) that this scarf to be will look good with!

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